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January 30, 2011

Jesus in London

by laurenlux

Today I went to Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market. Brick Lane is one of my all-time favorite places in London. It is a very inspiring vintage/craft/clothing/food market. All things I love in one place. All the people and clothing can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s what I love about it! Also, its easy to find things for reasonable prices if you look hard enough. Great place to buy gifts! Spitalfields isn’t as vintage-esque but is still amazing.

Like I said – amazing food.

Tried one of these scones – was to die for.

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January 30, 2011


by laurenlux

Upon my arrival..

My first few days here were pretty hectic. I got to my new place (which is right by Liverpool Street Station) and quickly realized just how much I needed to get settled in. Luckily we finished most of it in the first 2 days though and unpacking didn’t take too long. We ended up going to this one place to get some furniture, called Argo’s, and this was literally the strangest/most old school purchasing experience I have had! You had to pick things out of a catalogue, type them into a machine to see if they were in stock, write the codes down, and then pay for them and wait in a que for people in the store to get them out of the back room. The main problem was that we didn’t even get to see the items before purchasing them! A bit frustrating when they ended up being pretty poor quality. Good thing I learned early on never to go to Argo’s!

Onto more positive notes, the area I live in is unreal. I live just 3 minutes from the tube and there are a ton of restaurants and pubs/bars just walking distance from my place. I live right near food halls, markets (Brick Lane and Spitalfields and shopping as well! Basically I live in a very dangerous area in terms of my budget.

Last night I met up with some friends who live here. We went for dinner at this Mexican place in Covent Garden called Wahaca (highly suggest). It was a really fun environment and the food was yummy! We met up with some more friends after and all headed out to a bar (Los Locos) close to the restaurant.


Bar Los Locos
Couldn’t resist showing you guys this one.
Felt great to reunite with friends halfway across the world.
January 28, 2011

Hey friends!

by laurenlux

Today is the day.

Today marks the first day of a very long journey for me. In about 4 hours I will depart on a flight to London, UK. I am doing a fashion PR internship there with a firm called Starworks Group (

I admit I am pretty nervous, but EXCITED as well! This is a big step for me since I am really interested in starting a career in the fashion industry.

Packing life into 2 suitcases is easier said than done..


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