Jesus in London

by laurenlux

Today I went to Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market. Brick Lane is one of my all-time favorite places in London. It is a very inspiring vintage/craft/clothing/food market. All things I love in one place. All the people and clothing can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s what I love about it! Also, its easy to find things for reasonable prices if you look hard enough. Great place to buy gifts! Spitalfields isn’t as vintage-esque but is still amazing.

Like I said – amazing food.

Tried one of these scones – was to die for.

Knits Knits Knits

Want this entire table.

Brick Lane itself

Hat – Talula, jacket – Urban Renewal, snood – asos, crochet – Garage, velvet leggings – h&m, lace-up combats – Jeffrey Campbell, Bag – Wang

Jesus spotting #1 – stopping traffic in London without anyone interfering

Jesus spotting #2 – One man band

Pictures of my place coming up in the next entry!

One Comment to “Jesus in London”

  1. fur coats for me?

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