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February 27, 2011


by laurenlux

I got the day off on Friday, so finally got to spend some quality time with my friends visiting. We had a great weekend full of touring, markets, great food, and lots of partying. Friday we went to Covent Garden and Camden Market, then for dinner at this amazing place called Wahaca. It’s a mexican restaurant but they serve things sort of in tapas form, so it’s a great opportunity to try a bunch of different dishes! That evening we had quite the little party at my friend’s flat which turned out to be a weirdly funny and chaotic night. Saturday we explored Portobello market and Harrods, which is by far the coolest department store I have ever been to. The clothes aren’t even anywhere near the best part! They have everything under the sun in that place. It is rather pricey though. Portobello market is much like an antique market and has very beautiful jewelry and antiques. We went to Great Eastern for dinner which is always a favorite and then we went out in Camden to this crazy busy bar called Monarch. This was such a wayback playback with the music they played. Here are some pictures…


The infamous Brick Lane

Best piece of fried goodness I have ever tasted

Camden Market – waiting for our liquid nitrogen ice cream

The result – liquid nitrogen chocolate ice cream with salty caramel and grilled white chocolate.. no big deal

What we ordered at Wahaca

Steak salad with tortilla bowl

TTP – time to party

Blurry memories

Portobello market

Favorite vendor

Notting Hill is just beautiful!


February 23, 2011

Topman Man Show

by laurenlux

Aaaaand thats a wrap. The Man show today was the finale to London Fashion Week for Starworks. This show was basically a collaboration between Topman (Topshop menswear) and Fashion East – a vintage designer situated in the east of London. This year was Man’s 12th season at London Fashion week and 3 innovative designers were selected by Topman to show on the runway for August/Winter 11. Martine Rose, Felipe Rojas Llanos, and New Power Studio showcased their collections. As you’ll see in the pictures, the first designer was a bit outrageous with some pretty scandalous outfits (or costumes rather) and I have to say this was not my favorite. The second line was much simpler and full of bright mesh colored shirts, chunky lace-up combat type boots, and long cloaks. I really enjoyed the trousers from the final designer.

Man show venue – The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden


Preparing for runthrough


Big crowd!

Pig costume… enough said

Child dressed as some form of animal with incense coming out of his head

Second designer – much more minimalistic style

Personal favorite

Third designer

February 22, 2011

Rock it out Julien

by laurenlux

Today we worked 2 shows (Marios Schwab and Roksanda Ilincic) bringing us to a total of 6 since the beginning of fashion week on Saturday. How exhausting!

So as promised, I will give a breakdown of the shows we worked starting with Julien Macdonald, which took place last in Mayfair last night. I am choosing to talk about this one first just because I can’t seem to get this show off my mind. This show was my absolute FAVORITE thus far. The venue was in Mayfair at a beautiful, old, gothic church. The music and lights were outrageously edgy – flashing lights, thrashing Korn and other rock music, the entire show just reminded me of rebellious teenagers, and ironic how it all took place in a church.This show was my absolute FAVORITE thus far. The venue was in Mayfair at a beautiful old church. The music and lights were outrageously edgy – flashing lights, rocky loud music, the entire show just seemed rebellious, and ironic how it all took place in a church.The clothes were just beautiful! Main themes were evening gowns, flowy sheer maxi skirts/dresses with leather jackets and furs. The Swarovski collection of dresses was outstanding. This show had a ton of VIP – notably Hilary Alexander, Bianca Jagger, Emma Rose, Sadie Frost, Jaime Winstone and Yasmin Le Bon. The venue was packed and press were going crazy with inquiries. The show ended up starting pretty late, so Hilary Alexander (major UK fashion journalist) decided to make a bit of a scene and walk the catwalk – it was pretty funny. The show ended up being so good though, that Julien himself got a standing ovation. Shows do happen to be quite a bit of stress and chaos, but when she show begins it all becomes worth it.

Getting ready for the show! We all have to wear the same thing – Tucker blouses, black trousers, and hair slicked back in a bun.

Backstage at Julien

February 21, 2011

Sneak Peek of some shows

by laurenlux

Hey all! Just wanted to give you guys a little taste of what London Fashion Week has been like. Saturday we had the Daks show in the morning and Jonathan Saunders show in the evening. Personall, I prefer JS to Daks since JS is more my style (chunky shoes, flowy/silky materials,bright colours and lots of prints), but both shows were lovely. This morning was the Peter Pilotto show at the Topshop venue which was dashing as well. I promise I’ll give more details about each show in specific as soon as I have time! Videos and pictures to come… but to keep you wanting more, here is just a sneak peek…

Jonathan Saunders show – so in love with the collection of shoes – just amazing

Personal favourite

Backstage at this morning’s Peter Pilotto show

Final runthrough of the show

Peter Pilottio catwalk – apologies for poor quality, it was taken from my phone!

Peter Pilotto catwalk

Jonathan Saunders venue for the show

Jonathan Saunders catwalk


Daks show

February 20, 2011

And so it begins..

by laurenlux

In just about 12 hours we will be starting the debrief for the DAKS fashion show. Show starts at 9, and interestingly enough fashion shows only last about 10-15 minutes! They are very short, but so exciting. These past couple days have been madness in terms of sample movement – lots of last minute send outs for VIPs to wear to different parties and for fashion week in general. I actually sent out some stuff for a freelancer to wear to the Oscars today so that was cool! Also, yesterday we had the prime ministers wife in our office which was definitely interesting! More to come as the shows go on…. for now I gotta get ready for a birthday party tonight! I have a bunch of friends in from Toronto which is great… however waking up tomorrow will not be an easy task..

Amazing outfit my friend from work wore! The colors together really complement eachother.

coat – wilfred, scarf – asos, top – primark, leggings – hm, shoes – kurt geiger

Amazing top I got from Primark last week for just 5 pounds!

Went to Great Eastern for dinner in Shoreditch – sooo yummy!

Payment issue = fail but great way to make friends with the host

February 16, 2011


by laurenlux

London Fashion Week is crazy! Days have been flying by like minutes. Invites for the 8 shows have been posted or hand delivered, and now its just a matter of getting all the samples requested to the necessary people. This can be quite a complicated process. When a sample goes out it needs to be booked out in the system, and often times press requests certain looks when the items are still out. It can take a while to get them back from certain publications, especially if they are international like Elle US. As a result, people often need to chase them.. something I have learned to do in the past couple days! In addition to the samples being sent out and returned, there are also different presentations that need to be organized, such as Karl Lagerfeld for Hogan A/W 11 collection. From the PR side of things, we deal with all of the planning of the event including invites, venue, press, etc.

The first show that I’m working is Saturday morning and we need to be there 2 hours before – so at 7:30am. There is another one in the evening, and more shows on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Super exciting! This should really be a fab experience. I am very lucky to be jumping into this right as fashion week takes off…


More bags for invites!!

Dim sum time!!

so lovely to see familiar faces after a long day…

coat – vintage, snood – hm, top – all saints


In the moment: crochet

crochet – vintage, shoes – office


In the moment: buckles

February 14, 2011

Officially official

by laurenlux

BUSY BUSY BUSY!! That’s what today was. With fashion week coming up and me officially being assigned to specific accounts/clients, today was manic and fun! I got my work laptop and email set up which made me feel much more useful around the office. I am now working for clients/brands Julien Macdonald, Roksanda Ilincic, and Hogan – check them out!

I deal with sample movement, meaning that I assist in making sure that samples are send out to whomever needs them, whether it be VIP (celeb/model) or someone working for a magazine. These people attend lots of parties/events, especially for fashion week and borrow the clothing for different events. Call it celebrity endorsement, if you will. Starworks gets coverage, the brands get exposure, and the stars look great! Its a win-win-win situation. Tons of stuff already on my to do list tomorrow, but this is what makes my days fly, so the truth is that I really look forward to this.

In the moment: holes & rips

February 13, 2011

Not on my plastic

by laurenlux

As promised, I have posted some pics from last night. Wild night I must say. Today Jordy and I went to the markets and explored more amazing food and shopping. We went to a random thai restaurant for dinner and just got back. We bought the most amazing tea today by this tea company called Yumchaa. I got the flavor Chili Chili Bang Bang and it is UNREAL. For all you tea lovers, check out – they deliver!

Proud (place we went to last night)


All time favorite thing in Brick Lane market

A Spanish touch

New in: Beatles record

This will spice up my white walls!

New in: satchel

Some stuff that Jordy and I got today in the markets!

February 13, 2011

Weekend update

by laurenlux

A day in the east.

Hey guys! Thought I would update you on how the weekend has been. So far, 3 words can sum it up: party, work, and shopping. Friday night my friend from Paris got in and I have to admit reuniting with her was such a great feeling. We ended up going for drinks with some people in Shoreditch at two places, one called Kalu Kaley which was basically an underground cocktail bar where the couches were made of bathtubs cut in half. The cocktails were very unique, and there were so many to choose from! Even their names were something you wouldn’t find at any regular bar… like Fizz Fizz Bang Bang, All that Jazz, Thunderbolt Peach, etc. Next, we went to this place called the Hoxton Pony, which was more of a hipster club scene but also very fun. We had a post dance party at my friends flat which I think was the best part of the night. Can never have enough dance parties!

Yesterday I worked for most of the day because we had a bunch of invites to get ready for the shows next weekend. We did the invites for Jonathan Saunders and Marios Schwab. Working on a Saturday isn’t something I would normally have to do, but there is so much preparation that goes into fashion week, so it was necessary. I still managed to get Jordy to some shops around Regent Street in between making the invites so it ended up being a productive day!

Last night was my friend Scott’s birthday party and we drank at his place (starting at 8pm.. sooo early!) and then went to Proud in Camden where we had a booth/stable reserved for us. What an amazing night! What I loved most about this place was that it used to be a stable, so all of the booths were themed differently and still had the horses names. I horseback ride myself, so I loved this. Our stable was named Sea Biscuit.

Today we are going to spend a day in the east (central-east) in some of the markets I have been raving about. We are also going to try going to a new area in Islington called Camden Passage.

Feature: Jordy

top – Topshop, scarf – Artiztia, purse – vintage, shoes – JC

In the moment: leather

top – American Apparel, necklace – vintage, pants – hm, boots – JC, lipstick – hold it by Benefit

Kalu Kaley


Post dances

Invites for London Fashion Week

Nuff said.

Beyond Retro – amazing store off Carniby Street!

Pics from last night to come later…

February 11, 2011


by laurenlux

thank G-d it’s ALMOST Friday.

It has been a very exhausting, yet exciting week.

The past couple days at work have been very hectic and although it’s a stressful environment I work well under pressure so I kinda love this. Seeing what goes into fashion week is a great experience. The loads of invite requests, sample requests, sample returns, and people coming in and out of the office including publicists, stylists, editors, and so on blows my mind. The phone is ringing every 5 seconds, couriers are walking in and out every 2 minutes and everyone is are scrambling to get the samples ready the the returns put back in the showroom. The Chief Editor of Fashion for Elle UK was in the office yesterday – pretty cool! Also, someone came in to bring a few pairs of shoes that were pulled from the Dover Street Market for Rihanna to wear. There was a request for Blake Lively in one of the calls that I answered… fun stuff!

Today there was an urgent call in for bright block colored clothing to be sent to Harper’s Bazaar and I had to help get this together. This included collecting items from each of the account execs, picking some items from the showroom, scanning all of the items into GPS and of course packaging them all in about 15 minutes. There were a total of about 20 items including clothing, bags, and shoes. It was such a rush but I live for moments like that! Those are where I thrive and find that I learn the most.

The thing that I find with the fashion industry is that most of the people who work in it want to be there, so its quite a passionate (not to mention intense and competitive) environment. It’s very refreshing to work in a culture like that, because I’ve definitely worked in ones where people around me are simply miserable with their jobs and that definitely forms a negative vibe in the culture.

In the moment: WEDGE

scarf – asos, stripes – hm, pants – wilfred, wedge – urban, coat – vintage

New in: Crochet fringed dress, Petticoat Market

New in: Army harem pant, Topshop

New in: Leopard sweater: Brick Lane Market, striped sweater: Topshop


In the moment: SHEER & CAMEL

camel – Topshop, necklace – vintage, skirt – Petticoat Market, boots – vintage

Tomorrow will probably be a bit crazy since invites need to be sent out on Monday – meaning either staying late tomorrow night or working some of Saturday. The work that goes into fashion week is unbelievable! Also, my best friend Jordy is in this weekend – so lots to look forward to. That’s it for now!

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