City of Interdependencies

by laurenlux

Today I ventured out around my area to find a reasonable place to get a manicure. I ended up at this place called Nails 4u which is actually very good and only costs 13 pounds! On my way to Nails 4u I discovered the Petticoat Lane Market. Actually quite a cool one to have just a few minutes from me. An interesting thing about this market was that one of the vendors happened to be part of a manufacturing company for Topshop. He sold (and not sure if this is even legal) clothing from Topshop at wholesale prices, stuff that wasn’t even out in the stores yet! I’ll definitely be going back to see him sometime soon.

Topshop Manufacturer

Petticoat Market

So I visited my favorite place once again, Oxford Circus, to run some errands. This is where I can explain the meaning of my blog post title. Basically everything in London is interdependent. Getting a phone plan depends on having a bank account here. Having a bank account takes days to activate, and you need to wait to receive a pin card in addition to your bank card in the mail. I initially got a pay as you go phone plan since I didn’t receive my bank card in the mail yet. I finally shared my phone number with all my friends, so that they had a point of contact with me. Just yesterday I received my bank card, so I walk into the phone place today at Oxford Circus and they tell me that in order to get a monthly plan I need to get an entirely new sim card, which will change my phone number (for whatever reason). It takes 3 days to activate the sim card and another 4 to have my old number switched over. After spending about 30 minutes listening to this, they tell me that oh by the way, I need to wait to receive my pin card in the mail to activate the account. Basically a big waste of time. Bottom line is that I can’t use my bank account yet, and I have to continue using pay as you go until I can use my bank account. Once I can use my bank account I’lll have a different phone number, and then a week later it will be switched over to my old phone number. For those of you in Canada, be thankful that we have an efficient system.

Me today..

shearling coat – H&M, pants – store on Queen st in Toronto (forget the name), bag – Topshop, shoes – Topshop

army jacket – vintage, t-shirt – Wilfred, necklace/bangles – Aldo Accessories

Off I go to have drinks with friends tonight!

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