Camera action

by laurenlux

Today was a fun day. On top of doing some PR values, viewing papers for articles of interest and client coverage, I also got to work a photoshoot. This was very exciting for me on just my second day at Starworks.

We went off-site to a studio to get shots of some commercial items from the Wooyoungmi (check out Wooyoungmi is a very unique Korean brand that is focused on menswear that will always remain trendy. What I love most about this brand is the soft, giving, high quality materials and colors that they use. The items were all menswear and we themed the shoot on light trousers, jackets, trench coats, and soft knits all appropriate for spring. Colors were mainly beige, green, and navy blue. There was also a brilliant pair of platform lace-up shoes for men (I know, sounds strange, but I swear these photographed so well!). My favorite item was the one in the photo below, a military jacket made of polyester and cotton. Absolutely loved today!

Getting the garment ready for shooting


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