Officially official

by laurenlux

BUSY BUSY BUSY!! That’s what today was. With fashion week coming up and me officially being assigned to specific accounts/clients, today was manic and fun! I got my work laptop and email set up which made me feel much more useful around the office. I am now working for clients/brands Julien Macdonald, Roksanda Ilincic, and Hogan – check them out!

I deal with sample movement, meaning that I assist in making sure that samples are send out to whomever needs them, whether it be VIP (celeb/model) or someone working for a magazine. These people attend lots of parties/events, especially for fashion week and borrow the clothing for different events. Call it celebrity endorsement, if you will. Starworks gets coverage, the brands get exposure, and the stars look great! Its a win-win-win situation. Tons of stuff already on my to do list tomorrow, but this is what makes my days fly, so the truth is that I really look forward to this.

In the moment: holes & rips


One Comment to “Officially official”

  1. Busy is your middle name. Your in the moment ripped look is great. Thanx for the new sites to explore—–which I will for sure.

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