And so it begins..

by laurenlux

In just about 12 hours we will be starting the debrief for the DAKS fashion show. Show starts at 9, and interestingly enough fashion shows only last about 10-15 minutes! They are very short, but so exciting. These past couple days have been madness in terms of sample movement – lots of last minute send outs for VIPs to wear to different parties and for fashion week in general. I actually sent out some stuff for a freelancer to wear to the Oscars today so that was cool! Also, yesterday we had the prime ministers wife in our office which was definitely interesting! More to come as the shows go on…. for now I gotta get ready for a birthday party tonight! I have a bunch of friends in from Toronto which is great… however waking up tomorrow will not be an easy task..

Amazing outfit my friend from work wore! The colors together really complement eachother.

coat – wilfred, scarf – asos, top – primark, leggings – hm, shoes – kurt geiger

Amazing top I got from Primark last week for just 5 pounds!

Went to Great Eastern for dinner in Shoreditch – sooo yummy!

Payment issue = fail but great way to make friends with the host


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