Topman Man Show

by laurenlux

Aaaaand thats a wrap. The Man show today was the finale to London Fashion Week for Starworks. This show was basically a collaboration between Topman (Topshop menswear) and Fashion East – a vintage designer situated in the east of London. This year was Man’s 12th season at London Fashion week and 3 innovative designers were selected by Topman to show on the runway for August/Winter 11. Martine Rose, Felipe Rojas Llanos, and New Power Studio showcased their collections. As you’ll see in the pictures, the first designer was a bit outrageous with some pretty scandalous outfits (or costumes rather) and I have to say this was not my favorite. The second line was much simpler and full of bright mesh colored shirts, chunky lace-up combat type boots, and long cloaks. I really enjoyed the trousers from the final designer.

Man show venue – The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden


Preparing for runthrough


Big crowd!

Pig costume… enough said

Child dressed as some form of animal with incense coming out of his head

Second designer – much more minimalistic style

Personal favorite

Third designer


One Comment to “Topman Man Show”

  1. Well, interesting designs but what is with the animal design with incense coming out of his head?
    The cloaks are actually really cool.

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