Dee Party

by laurenlux

Yesterday was Dee’s birthday. Dee, aka Dee Bag works at Starworks as well as a PR intern but she is on different accounts. To celebrate her birthday we surprised her with a YUMMY cadbury cake and a tea party! It was quite the British celebration. We also went to a nearby pub for post work drinkies (The King’s Head) and ended up staying until we craved the wonderful Nando’s.

The lovely people that I work with

Photo cred: Holly

In the moment: Harness

Love harnesses – this one is from Topshop, but I admit I was inspired by Marios Schwab’s…

Marios Schwab Harness

The Primark Experience

Meant to talk about this in my previous blog post but it must have slipped my mind. I went to Primark on Tuesday to find out what all the craze was about. That place is amazing! I got some serious staple items (which I will show you) for very reasonable prices. Notably a velvet skirt, crochet sweater, plain black oversized tee, studded boots, and socks for under 45 pounds! What a bargain! I will be visiting that place again very soon. Below are pics of some items that I found cool there, but I will be sure to send over pics of what I actually purchased.

Some bags that I loved but resisted getting


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