Color Blocking

by laurenlux

One of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer 2011 is definitely color blocking. Starworks has been involved with many color blocking photoshoots this season. Usually the way a pull works is we get a general request from a publication (i.e. Vogue India) telling us that they are doing a photoshoot with a color blocking theme. The fashion assistant will tell us who is styling the shoot, who the shoot is for (for example Jennifer Aniston) and when/where the shoot is taking place. They may specify which designers they want looks from or even give specific looks they want us to send over. We then go into our showroom and physically pull the looks and tell the fashion assistant what we can offer. If they are pleased we book it out in our system and arrange for someone to collect the items.

Some color blocking that I really like!

Jil Sander


3 Comments to “Color Blocking”

  1. I love these bright colours! Right now all they are showing here is neutral, soft tones. Definitely no colour-blocking going on in Thornhill! Europe is miles ahead! Can’t wait to hear more fashion tips!

    I love that I can rely on your blog for fashion tips. Our magazines here are already outdated lol.

  2. Fanastic colors!! Vibrant and definitely screaming of Spring. I love the the way the colors seem to pop out.

  3. Fantastic colors! , vibrant and definitely screaming of Spring. I love the way the colors seems to pop out.

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