Fire and Ice

by laurenlux

Alexander McQueen and Chanel did an impressive job at their shows this Paris Fashion Week. McQueen’s models had cold yet empowering and delicate faces. Common themes were modern yet romantic and edgy pearls, chiffon ruffles, pleats, feathers, and lastly leather to give a broad torso structure to the models.

In contrast to this icy regal theme, Chanel’s models (wearing designs by Karl Lagerfeld) walked the runway with a catwalk surrounded by dry ice and lava. This seasons collection is all about change. It’s nice to see that even the most classic haute couture brand is adapting to the edge of modern times. I think we can give thanks to Karl Lagerfeld for his modernist ways. Main themes in his collection were: sequinned jackets, wool suits worn over super skinny jeans, low slouched wide-legged trousers, lace jumpsuits with leather embellishments (pockets), and combat type boot that slouched over the ankle. Clearly fashion is becoming less traditional and lady-like. The rise of that edgy gothic look is increasing and it’s great to see that a Lagerfeld is taking a classic brand like Chanel and incorporating that into his collection.

Icy McQueen




One Comment to “Fire and Ice”

  1. I am really enjoying reading about the latest trends. I appreciate the photos as it’s great to have a visual to go with the most excellent descriptions you provide to your readers. I have to say I like the 2nd pic of Chanel styles the best, although I am very biased towards skinny black pants!! That’s all I ever want to wear!

    Keep posting! I can’t stop checking your blog! Loooove the pics and daily updates!

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