Edgetastic StreetStylin’

by laurenlux

EXCITING NEWS FOR ALL OF YOU!! One of my close friends works at MTV Canada doing their fashion blog, MTV Fora. She asked me to start taking streetstyle pictures of people in London/Europe to feature in MTV Fora! She will reference my blog so that people can visit it and my hits/exposure will increase. I think this is a great opportunity to really get into blogging and increase awareness on my blog while hopefully gaining more experience. Keep you posted on when this officially starts, but for now check out MTV For to see what you’re in for: http://fora.mtv.ca/.

Off to Paris this weekend to visit my friend Jordy who lives there. I’ve been to Paris before a few years ago so we won’t be doing touristy things; maybe just a visit to the Eiffel tower. I’m really excited for the change of scenery and just to relax on the train ride there and read my book. This weekend will be filled with good restaurants, bars, clubs, and of course some vintage shopping. I am quite excited to be in a non-English speaking country for a couple days. It will remind me of all the amazing memories I have in Europe!

Platform clogs by Kurt Geiger – currently my favorite pair of shoes

Necklace – freedom

Blazer – topshop, dress – primark, watch – petticoat market, longer necklace – aldo accessories


in the moment: maxi

skirt – cheap monday, shoes – jeffrey campbell

leather – vintage 


One Comment to “Edgetastic StreetStylin’”

  1. Love the maxi look–glad to see it has made a comeback. Clogs are very edgy and stylish.

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