On a Mission

by laurenlux

Katy B – On a mission…. name of my favorite song of the week. I highly suggest downloading this if you are at all into house/dance/electronic music. Also recently discovered Annie Mac – who has great hour long mixes on BBC Radio 1.. check it out! I’ve been running to these and they definitely get me in the zone.

t shirt – hm, dress – never fully dressed, shoes – vintage, necklaces – bricklane/aldo accessories/my own creation

my spring fever is getting out of hand.. and cream is one of my favorite colors for this spring… combined with camel its a beauty!

Revolve Magazine spread… AMAZING! This pocket blouse is all I can think about

Hello Christian Louboutin’s… I’ll gladly take all of you


2 Comments to “On a Mission”

  1. I like the pair in the middle the best :). It is so not spring here!!! We still have snow on the ground and some ice!! Which Norms is having eating. I like the booties you are wearing in your pics. Love the outfit.

  2. They sell that Elizabeth & James blouse in Trilogy!!!! saw it today, i love it! xxx

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