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April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Madness

by laurenlux

Back in London and feeling great! Oh how I missed playing with clothes and shoes at work… and of course it feels wonderful to be reunited with my favorite Starworkers. I have to admit though that there has been NONSTOP talk about the royal wedding. In my industry at least the biggest question is what dress will she wear? Clearly Kate wants to keep it a secret… but many people say it could very well be McQueen. The moment we have been anxiously awaiting is in less than 12 hours and I will be sitting in hyde park watching it on the big screens! Supposedly 200, 000 people will be in hyde park and there will be a special ferris wheel set up just for the occasion. Apparently Kate and William will make an appearance on the balcony of the palace, so hopefully we will get to see that. Stay tuned for Royal Wedding pics!

Post work fun for Alexia’s last day : (

Rearranging Hogan products in the showroom…

Marios Schwab

Nicholas Kirkwood

all the lovely shoes…

Royal Wedding spirit

April 24, 2011

Live. Life. Be. Free.

by laurenlux

I am currently living by this motto and it feels great. I think it’s important to express how you feel by the way you dress.. great examples are LF & Free People. I associate these brands with being free spirited, embracing opportunities, and living life to its fullest. Free People represents clothes that make you feel like a free spirit. That is the whole point of a brand though, right?… to have these associations that remain consistent in all campaigns and get stuck at the back of your mind. Tomorrow is my last official day at home and I feel like I have so many things to do. I’m BEYOND excited for a) reuniting with my lovely Starworkers, b) ROYAL WEDDING, c) Lagos, Portugal next Thursday (trip I planned ages ago)!!!! Time is flying my friends… it’s time to embrace life and every opportunity it has to offer. Here is some LF, Free People, and more…

LF & Free People.. I want it all

Glamour France.. simply brilliant

Matiko… give me

Inspiration: yellow & blue

Good times… great friends.

blazer – hm, skirt – zara, necklace – freedom, shoes – kg for kurt geiger, necklace – aldo accessories

April 19, 2011

How to be interview chic

by laurenlux

The question remains: How do you dress for a fashion interview? Coming from a business school that was almost entirely corporate, I have had to make changes to both my work style and wardrobe to dress appropriately for fashion interviews. At business school we were always told to dress in a suit. I personally believe that dressing in a suit hides your personality. I never really felt like myself when I was attending interviews¬† in a suit, regardless of the industry. When it comes to fashion though, it’s important to show a bit of character and a sense of style. The good thing about the fashion industry is that it tends to be a bit more casual (as opposed to corporate) and almost anything can be dressed up, and people tend to respect a creative sense of style. Below are some outfits I have worn to express myself,¬† as well as some wardrobe essentials that I think are great for interviews:

blouse – wilfred free, pants – wilfred, shoes – KG for kurt geiger, necklace – freedom

tapered pants & silky/chiffon blouse

plain black dress

the good thing about blouses like this is that they can be worn in so many different ways!

silk tapered harem pants (aritzia)

these can be worn with a blazer or any type of sheer blouse tucked in.. i would go for a chiffon-type material

chiffon blouse (american apparel)

military blouse (topshop)

navy tapered pants (topshop)

cream blazer (topshop)

sleeveless sunshine dress (wear with blazer)

Perrin shoes

strappy brown shoes (wear over tights or with nude nylon socks)

these are clearly for a man.. but i thought i would throw them in there because i LOVE these Wyred shoes!

April 16, 2011

One of a Kind

by laurenlux

I was reading away on some blogs and discovered a really cool vintage store in London called One of a Kind! At this point I am itching to get back into my adventures there. There are just so many wonderful opportunities  in that city, and being away from it for a couple weeks has made me realize just how much how I love it. Check out the website for One of a Kind.. they have online shopping too!

Inspiration: white maxi

Inspiration: cut-out look

Delicate Beauty Editorial

free spirits

Kustom 2011 Collection

neutrals, brights, maxi, gladiators, and sloppy-chic… well done Free People

Hello Topshop.. I am accepting early birthday presents

April 14, 2011


by laurenlux

Feeling the fringe? It’s really easy to actually create fringe shirts yourself, all you have to do is cut the area you want “fringed” into very thin pieces (without cutting the pieces off the shirt) and just tie a knot at the end of each piece! Check out this sweet outfit that I think I am in love with… The jacket is from H&M I believe – so cute. I am also really into the all-American look these days.. blue white and red, see below for how I wore it.

top – anthropologie, pants – zara, shoes – vintage, jewelry – vintage/h&m/topshop/ray ban sunglasses

another all-American outfit I love


more ways to wear red pants… jacket – religion, shoes – vintage, necklaces – made by me

April 11, 2011

Up my alley

by laurenlux

bracelet synergies

YSL shoes

breen & cream

OKAY, fine. maybe not up MY alley specifically… but i do think this is great

hermes…. definitely up my alley, but first i need to be able to afford it

leopard, cream, maxi, leather.. mmmm

like. father. like. son. respect.

best friends.. always up my alley

other best friend

April 9, 2011


by laurenlux

April 7, 2011

Sisterhood of the traveling jacket

by laurenlux

Funny things can happen when friends get together for a house party. Notably, jackets catching on fire. My friend’s jacket was accidentally (and tragically) set on fire this past weekend. Ladies (and some gentlemen), we all know how attached we can get to an article of clothing regardless of where it is from.. especially one that is worn everyday. So the story goes like this: my friend came to London and needed a light jacket.. I lent her my H&M army coat. When she left, she ended up forgetting it at a friends for 2 months, a friend who got some good use out of it. Now it is time to pass it onto my dear friend who tragically had her beloved military inspired jacket set on fire. Sound familiar? I think so.. much like that movie we all loved as kids.. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

As promised…

dress – vintage, shoes – Tod’s

scarf – club monaco, blazer – vintage, sweater – hm, tights – talula, shoes – topshop

nothing like a pair of simple black Tod’s


& Brian

Mirvish Village

I want this in my house.

April 6, 2011

You’re such a bad ash

by laurenlux

This blog post is dedicated to all the bad ash’s out there.. many of you won’t know what this means.. but I know my good mate Amy Best will : ). This one goes out to her. Today/tomorrow is Press Day at Starworks and unfortunately I had to miss this, but I will be getting the low down from my dear friends so I will be sure to tell all of you how it went. My time in Toronto will be filled with lots of family and friends, something I am sincerely looking forward to. I will also be meeting with many people in the fashion industry (friends and colleagues) to get some insight on what it is like in Toronto. Today I went to Fresh (YUMMY) and Mirvish Village with some friends. Mirvish Village is right around Bathurst and Bloor and has some hidden vintage stores which looked amazing (unfortunately they were closed but from what I hear there are some GREAT things there). While I am here I will also be hitting up my faaavorite store which goes by the name of Value Village! Cheap and cheerful they call it… I once found a Chanel blazer there for 12 dollars.. yes that’s right a Chanel blazer. Pics to come… but for now here’s some London streetstyle

sloppy chic.. jacket – religion, necklaces – brick lane, sweater – hm, pants – store on queen st in toronto, shoes – office


So pretty!

loving the army trousers and boots

Wardrobe essential: flare jeans.. the MOST flattering jean out there

April 4, 2011

Turn of events

by laurenlux

Friday was madness! The entire office was basically turned inside out in preparation for press day. I got the guilty pleasure of entering some beautiful new Kate Spade bags into our system. I must say, Kate Spade is having quite the comeback with their bags. Leopard prints, mock croc, purple suede, and the softest leather were just some of the great qualities of these bags. Friday was also madness because I decided to make a trip to Toronto earlier than expected. I am now home, but dont you worry my friends, streetstyle and my style blog will continue. I promise not to let you down! I have had some requests to post about wardrobe essentials, so I will definitely work on that this week.

mmm Kate Spade bags

loving the piano clutch

Dee bag working the hat.. and Holly in her zone

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte… HELLO

Inspiration: earth tones

Inspiration: hat… get me one of those!

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