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April 6, 2011

You’re such a bad ash

by laurenlux

This blog post is dedicated to all the bad ash’s out there.. many of you won’t know what this means.. but I know my good mate Amy Best will : ). This one goes out to her. Today/tomorrow is Press Day at Starworks and unfortunately I had to miss this, but I will be getting the low down from my dear friends so I will be sure to tell all of you how it went. My time in Toronto will be filled with lots of family and friends, something I am sincerely looking forward to. I will also be meeting with many people in the fashion industry (friends and colleagues) to get some insight on what it is like in Toronto. Today I went to Fresh (YUMMY) and Mirvish Village with some friends. Mirvish Village is right around Bathurst and Bloor and has some hidden vintage stores which looked amazing (unfortunately they were closed but from what I hear there are some GREAT things there). While I am here I will also be hitting up my faaavorite store which goes by the name of Value Village! Cheap and cheerful they call it… I once found a Chanel blazer there for 12 dollars.. yes that’s right a Chanel blazer. Pics to come… but for now here’s some London streetstyle

sloppy chic.. jacket – religion, necklaces – brick lane, sweater – hm, pants – store on queen st in toronto, shoes – office


So pretty!

loving the army trousers and boots

Wardrobe essential: flare jeans.. the MOST flattering jean out there

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