Sisterhood of the traveling jacket

by laurenlux

Funny things can happen when friends get together for a house party. Notably, jackets catching on fire. My friend’s jacket was accidentally (and tragically) set on fire this past weekend. Ladies (and some gentlemen), we all know how attached we can get to an article of clothing regardless of where it is from.. especially one that is worn everyday. So the story goes like this: my friend came to London and needed a light jacket.. I lent her my H&M army coat. When she left, she ended up forgetting it at a friends for 2 months, a friend who got some good use out of it. Now it is time to pass it onto my dear friend who tragically had her beloved military inspired jacket set on fire. Sound familiar? I think so.. much like that movie we all loved as kids.. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

As promised…

dress – vintage, shoes – Tod’s

scarf – club monaco, blazer – vintage, sweater – hm, tights – talula, shoes – topshop

nothing like a pair of simple black Tod’s


& Brian

Mirvish Village

I want this in my house.

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