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April 19, 2011

How to be interview chic

by laurenlux

The question remains: How do you dress for a fashion interview? Coming from a business school that was almost entirely corporate, I have had to make changes to both my work style and wardrobe to dress appropriately for fashion interviews. At business school we were always told to dress in a suit. I personally believe that dressing in a suit hides your personality. I never really felt like myself when I was attending interviews¬† in a suit, regardless of the industry. When it comes to fashion though, it’s important to show a bit of character and a sense of style. The good thing about the fashion industry is that it tends to be a bit more casual (as opposed to corporate) and almost anything can be dressed up, and people tend to respect a creative sense of style. Below are some outfits I have worn to express myself,¬† as well as some wardrobe essentials that I think are great for interviews:

blouse – wilfred free, pants – wilfred, shoes – KG for kurt geiger, necklace – freedom

tapered pants & silky/chiffon blouse

plain black dress

the good thing about blouses like this is that they can be worn in so many different ways!

silk tapered harem pants (aritzia)

these can be worn with a blazer or any type of sheer blouse tucked in.. i would go for a chiffon-type material

chiffon blouse (american apparel)

military blouse (topshop)

navy tapered pants (topshop)

cream blazer (topshop)

sleeveless sunshine dress (wear with blazer)

Perrin shoes

strappy brown shoes (wear over tights or with nude nylon socks)

these are clearly for a man.. but i thought i would throw them in there because i LOVE these Wyred shoes!

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