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May 30, 2011

MTV Feature!

by laurenlux

and soon to come: Swedish House Mafia pictures/Tropea, Italy pics!

May 24, 2011


by laurenlux

Today was a pretty big day for Starworks – Michelle Obama & Samantha Cameron (Prime Minister’s wife) both wore our clients. Michelle Obama wore Roksanda Ilincic, which is one of the accounts that I work on and Samatha Cameron wore Peter Pilotto. Celebrity endorsement is crucial in this industry!  Being part of a company that helps such important political figures wearing fashionable brands and even going as far as setting trends is an incredible experience. I also recently started doing showroom appointments which is basically where I take a stylist around our showroom to help them pick clothing for a photoshoot. These are a lot of fun and definitely endorse my learning experience.

I am off to Italy tomorrow for a few days provided that the volcanic ash doesn’t ruin life! Last time I lived in Europe we ended up getting stuck in Madrid for about 5 days right in the middle of exams. This sounds fun, and I promise you it was a great experience looking back, but having no control over things like this is a very scary feeling. Natural disasters are not fun! Lets keep our fingers crossed for my flight tomorrow. Here are some weekend/streetstyle pictures:

En route Hampstead Heath – new favorite spot

perfect day for a picnic!

i love nature

loving the molto-italian sunnies

military & fur


quilted leather

favorite posters

May 20, 2011

The courier species

by laurenlux

Day in and day out we are booking couriers to deal with sample movement. This of course involves booking clothes, shoes, and bags out of the system to the necessary destination (usually a photoshoot, publication, or VIP). I actually just sent a dress out to Lady Gaga today.. NBD. When things get manic, sitting on the phone to couriers is the last thing we have patience for.. thus we have recently tried streamlining the process so that one particular person books all couriers. The most important part of this story though is the courier species. We have noticed a particular pattern with couriers. They mostly have one of the above: dreads, tattoos, reek of alcohol (or other things) or have troll-like characteristics. My friend Amy calls them “men of few grunting words”. They don’t speak much, and when they do it’s very difficult to understand. It’s a running joke around the office. I mean we love our couriers but sometimes we get quite the kick out of them, and I’m sure they get a kick out of all of us fashionistas – its like a box of Estrogen. In such a chaotic environment it is CRUCIAL to get some endorphins running through with laughter.. this is how we have fun at work:

trying on funny furs..

beautiful Pollinis

endorsing my shoe fetish

…and bags

time for the weekend now!

May 19, 2011


by laurenlux

This is the best way to describe the past week at work. Although I am a sucker for these types of environments and working under pressure, fashion can be extremely chaotic! Days fly like seconds and EVERYTHING is urgent. Requests for clothing/shoes are coming in faster than ever and I think it’s because Starworks as a whole is just booming. It’s great to be in an environment like this because you learn at a million miles a minute. It will be sad to leave Starworks on June 8, but also nice to have some time to relax. Here are some streetstyle pics for all of you and an editorial I have fallen madly in love with:

inspiration: fringe

fringe – all saints, skirt – topshop, shoes – KG/kurt geiger, jewelry – vintage/self-made

brights & braids

inspiration: cute sunnies


cable knit & ruffles


feminine & masculine

floral & lace-ups

Spells Jewelry.. too cool for words

i love the play on music with her and the guitar

just a little fun fact about myself.. i love horses and everything about them.. i think they are beautiful and majestic animals, which is why i took up horseback riding as a hobby in 1st year university when i was inspired by my dear friend Alessia!

May 15, 2011

Music takes you higher

by laurenlux

This past week was more eventful than expected. After coming home from Lagos I was hoping to spend the week relaxing. That failed rather miserably.. but in a good way if that at all makes sense. I ended up attending a magazine launch party on Wednesday (Twin Magazine). Being given the opportunity to do these things is surely one of the benefits of working in the fashion indsutry. Following the launch party at The Russian Club we headed over to Shoreditch house with some friends. If any of you ever get a chance to go there PLEASE try the burratta cheese.. it is to die for. Friday we ended up at an underground house music party in east London (Dalston Superstore) which was a great night full of music and dancing. I recently downloaded the Hed Kandi Beach House CD which is pretty good if any of you are interested. Saturday night we went to a friend’s loft/patio party in Angel… complete contrast of music from the first night given that it was filled with 90’s R&B but still great. I suppose my taste in music is rather ecclectic, if you will. Today of course (along with all my other Sundays) I spent the day embedded in vintage clothing/markets… mmm what a nice weekend! Here are some outfits I have worn recently.. along with weekend pics:

Embracing summer.. jacket – hm, skirt – vintage, shoes – vintage

New in: vintage jean jacket!


jacket – vintage, pants – topshop, shoes – vintage

favorite flats at the moment

bright stripes

friday night endeavors

patio/loft fun

May 12, 2011

Beach Stylin’

by laurenlux

Some necessities for the beach..

Cute bikinis

Crochet & turbans

 Brown leather

friends : )

A good pair of Wayfarers..



a sunny day

to go with some cervesa..

bright colored tees (fact: did you know blue is the color that makes you look the most tanned?)

clubmaster raybans

a cute pup

deserted beaches to discover

stunning views/mountains to climb

May 11, 2011

Look what you live

by laurenlux

This saying has stuck with me for a while now. It goes back to what I was saying about brand associations.. thinking of a brand like Free People and being reminded of letting go and being free sprited. With summer here and all I think its time to really look what you live. I will personally be spending a lot of time at the beach.. and I HIGHLY suggest if any of you are too that you start off by checking out some of the brands that I have posted below. This includes jewelry.. jewelry is a huge part of my wardrobe of accessories. Vintang slave rings are definitely something on my wish list for this summer. Here are some pictures from lovely Lagos, which I will be returning to in the coming weeks because it was too amazing for words (I am actively recruiting friends to join so feel free). Next, check out some editorials and street style. I think this post will make up for my lack of posting this weekend…

Lagos, Portugal.. waited too long for this

mini roadtrip to airport

Planet Blue editorial: red lipstick & bohemian prints

Planet Blue editorial: leather satchel, big stoned rings

Free People summer catalogue.. fresh & romantic with all of the bright colors/prints

Loving the roc sac

 couldn’t be more in love with this Vintange jewelry from

..and here is some street style as promised

Inspiration: Midi dress


Inspiration: leather patches


Safari pants

May 4, 2011

All about lace

by laurenlux

After the royal wedding there has been NONSTOP talk about lace being the #1 trend for Spring/Summer 2011. The aniticipation behind Kate’s dress set the bar high. After reading through many British publications I think it has been agreed upon that Sarah Burnton at Alexander McQueen exceeded our expectations of making an absolutely RAVISHING dress. Lace has been at the top of my list for a while now but after all this talk I am craving it even more! OH by the way, I may seem a bit MIA after tomorrow.. I am heading to LAGOS for the weekend! Here are some ways I would wear lace this summer:

Bought this one for 20 pounds from Asos.. also purchased the below shorts a year ago from Topshop

not lace… but love it

May 2, 2011

Moments of exhilaration

by laurenlux

The Royal wedding weekend exceeded my expectations. At Trafalgar square we ended up connecting with Ben Mulroney at CTV and not only did they let us watch the rest of the wedding in their booth with them, but they also interviewed us live on TV! We had no idea what they would ask us, and I admit I was nervous. Nonetheless it was a very cool experience. I never thought I would be on TV and especially not for an event that will go down in history. I can officially check that off my bucket list. Following Trafalgar, we went to Hyde Park and spent the day there with friends listening to live music, laying around, and drinking Pimms (my favorite!).

Ready to be interviewed!

enormous crowds
CTV booth where we watched the wedding

our passes for CTV

Hyde Park celebrations

best outfits of the day (?)

craving my jean jacket since january.. dress – f21, shoes – random store in milan

jacket – milan, pants – topshop, shoes – top sider sperrys, jewelry – hm/aldo accessories, glasses – rayban clubmaster

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