Look what you live

by laurenlux

This saying has stuck with me for a while now. It goes back to what I was saying about brand associations.. thinking of a brand like Free People and being reminded of letting go and being free sprited. With summer here and all I think its time to really look what you live. I will personally be spending a lot of time at the beach.. and I HIGHLY suggest if any of you are too that you start off by checking out some of the brands that I have posted below. This includes jewelry.. jewelry is a huge part of my wardrobe of accessories. Vintang slave rings are definitely something on my wish list for this summer. Here are some pictures from lovely Lagos, which I will be returning to in the coming weeks because it was too amazing for words (I am actively recruiting friends to join so feel free). Next, check out some editorials and street style. I think this post will make up for my lack of posting this weekend…

Lagos, Portugal.. waited too long for this

mini roadtrip to airport

Planet Blue editorial: red lipstick & bohemian prints

Planet Blue editorial: leather satchel, big stoned rings

Free People summer catalogue.. fresh & romantic with all of the bright colors/prints

Loving the roc sac

 couldn’t be more in love with this Vintange jewelry from http://www.vintang.se/

..and here is some street style as promised

Inspiration: Midi dress


Inspiration: leather patches


Safari pants


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