by laurenlux

This is the best way to describe the past week at work. Although I am a sucker for these types of environments and working under pressure, fashion can be extremely chaotic! Days fly like seconds and EVERYTHING is urgent. Requests for clothing/shoes are coming in faster than ever and I think it’s because Starworks as a whole is just booming. It’s great to be in an environment like this because you learn at a million miles a minute. It will be sad to leave Starworks on June 8, but also nice to have some time to relax. Here are some streetstyle pics for all of you and an editorial I have fallen madly in love with:

inspiration: fringe

fringe – all saints, skirt – topshop, shoes – KG/kurt geiger, jewelry – vintage/self-made

brights & braids

inspiration: cute sunnies


cable knit & ruffles


feminine & masculine

floral & lace-ups

Spells Jewelry.. too cool for words

i love the play on music with her and the guitar

just a little fun fact about myself.. i love horses and everything about them.. i think they are beautiful and majestic animals, which is why i took up horseback riding as a hobby in 1st year university when i was inspired by my dear friend Alessia!


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