The courier species

by laurenlux

Day in and day out we are booking couriers to deal with sample movement. This of course involves booking clothes, shoes, and bags out of the system to the necessary destination (usually a photoshoot, publication, or VIP). I actually just sent a dress out to Lady Gaga today.. NBD. When things get manic, sitting on the phone to couriers is the last thing we have patience for.. thus we have recently tried streamlining the process so that one particular person books all couriers. The most important part of this story though is the courier species. We have noticed a particular pattern with couriers. They mostly have one of the above: dreads, tattoos, reek of alcohol (or other things) or have troll-like characteristics. My friend Amy calls them “men of few grunting words”. They don’t speak much, and when they do it’s very difficult to understand. It’s a running joke around the office. I mean we love our couriers but sometimes we get quite the kick out of them, and I’m sure they get a kick out of all of us fashionistas – its like a box of Estrogen. In such a chaotic environment it is CRUCIAL to get some endorphins running through with laughter.. this is how we have fun at work:

trying on funny furs..

beautiful Pollinis

endorsing my shoe fetish

…and bags

time for the weekend now!


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