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June 29, 2011

Ma Familia

by laurenlux

After some seriously long days of packing up my flat and hunting for a new one, it is finally time to give the LFT (London Food&Fashion Tour) to my family! They arrive tomorrow morning, so excited, and yes they appreciate markets, shopping, and food just as much as me : ) so I will show them my favorite spots in London. Some of the restaurants I am taking them to, and you should all try if you ever get to London are: Poletto (Italian Tapas), Viet Grill (Vietnamese), Hakkassan (Chinese), Great Eastern (Asian Fusion), Pizza East (enough said), and possibly Wahaca or Pinchito (both Mexican Tapas). Of course I’ll also take them to Borough market, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Camden market, and Portobello market – great excuses to hit my favorite spots and get some amazing streetstyle material.

Here are some more streetstyle photos, and some summer inspiration from Nevermind Magazine and elsewhere:

red & white.. COINCIDENTALLY, it’s Canada Day Friday! Looking forward to festivities in Trafalgar Square…

HELLO color blocking

silly silly faces

bow tie & amazing blue Tod-esq loafers

his shirt says it loud and clear

my heart goes out to the shoes

Nevermind Editorial

a little taste of Barcelona

shes a beaut

best friends

June 26, 2011


by laurenlux

Happy Sunday! My friend got free tickets to the live Glee show at the O2 center last night, and we got to go! It was UNREAL, and contrary to what you all may think, the crowd at the show was mainly adults. I figured it would be a much younger crowd, but we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. After Glee we ended up going to this a few cool bars in Shoreditch, one called Old Blue Last, which is actually the pub of Vice Magazine, and then Bedroom Bar. Both were very trendy, which is typical of  the Shoreditch scene. Today was a stunningly beautiful day in London, about 27 degrees celsius and the sun was just beaming down. I spent the day spotting talent in and around Brick Lane and the greater Shoreditch area. I am actually shocked at how the maxi skirt/dress (especially in dark colours) still perseveres in this boiling hot weather! Here’s some of what I came across:

black on black

purple sneakers

persol inspired shades

mixed patterns

red chinos & plaid-esq blue – love this combo!

crrrrazy hair & dr. evil shades

big chains & h-core headpiece

studded jean vest paired with Chanel bag – gives me inspiration for my next project..

faded grey Dr. Martins & all black outfit

jean & camel – fav combo

want want want

June 24, 2011

MTV Feature

by laurenlux

Hola amigos, please see my latest MTV feature

Hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with friends & fun!

June 23, 2011


by laurenlux

This happens a lot in London – sun showers, and I have to admit it’s quite a beautiful sight! Apparently I am a very lucky girl since it was raining basically the entire time that I was on vacation! I went running today and it started pouring down on me, can’t really complain though as it was quite the effective cool down. My time at Starworks has sadly come to and end, so I am currently in search of a new position in London. That’s right – I’ve decided to stay in this beautifully rainy city – I can’t seem to get enough of it! My next couple of weeks will be filled with flat hunting, job searching, and endless networking. Life is exciting my friends. I made it over to Brick Lane this past Sunday to grab some streetstyle shots which should show up on MTV Fora in the next day or two. Here is a sneak peak of some streetstyle photos and my last days at Starworks:

floral brights & striped jeans

mesh skirt – simply brilliant

camera shy

time to get serious ladies!

big fan of the color blocking in this photo.. camel & brights always work in my books

jean & army

more jean buttons downs – love these on men!

Lessi – one of my future flatmates in London & oldest friend growing up in Toronto

more friends

last day at Starworks – favorite break spot with bad-ash Amy!

surprise cakes! i love my Starworkers : )

our manic uni-desk

often how we feel in the packing room

fierce Ames

bittersweet au revoir celebrations

post work pizza at Franco Manca – #1 pizza in London!

June 19, 2011

Back in the game

by laurenlux

I feel its necessary to catch you all up on my past 10 days. The reason I haven’t posted lately is because I’ve been out of the country travelling through Portugal and Spain with little/no access to internet! The great thing is that I have TONS to share! I started off visiting a friend in Sevilla, then Lagos (it was calling my name for a second time I swear), headed to Valencia for a few days, and then Barcelona for a music festival. I got back late last night exhausted!

This time in Lagos was much different from the last. An experience travelling is all about who you travel with/the people you meet. My first night there, (after a bumpy 6 hour bus ride from Sevilla), I was alone. This gave me an opportunity to meet loads of people at the hostel. Lucky for me I made a great friend on the bus ride who happened to be staying at the same place! He ended up being my partner in crime. I had some friends meeting me there for the other two nights, which was great because I got to introduce them to everyone! The hostel was fully booked since it’s high season so there was never a dull moment! Here are some pictures from Lagos.. more to come from the rest of my adventures!

Kenny – partner in crime

Oh how I love that beach

headband – vintage, romper – topshop

a day on the boat.. no complaints

sundown beach time & arrival of Kayla!

Kenny vs. Spenny

vs. Jenny

wedding picture
friendship bracelets never go out of style
hopefully freckles won’t either.. because mine come out with the sun!
australian beach bum.. pretty standard
nah nah bah (best restaurant in Lagos)
sometimes it’s necessary to be silly
romper – hm, belt – vintage, shoes – primark
June 3, 2011


by laurenlux

 Tranquil.. as they describe in Italian meanspeacefully/calmy/to relax. That is what I am looking forward to this weekend (minus the partying) after this mental week at work. I went to this great bar the other night in Angel called Narrow Boat and enjoyed my first fish and chips in London! It was so tasty.. I think I’ll have to revisit the boat. My internship with Starworks is quickly coming to an end and I am feeling pretty bittersweet about this. On the plus side, it will be nice to have some time to myself… however I do get bored pretty easily. That being said, my sporadic travels will fill that void. This is actually the first job I have had where it is simply not possible to be bored for a single second. Fashion is MADNESS and I love it.. I never want to be bored again. Here are some streetstyle pictures my dear friends.. hope you enjoy! Also.. please do feel free to comment on any post.. Site stats can’t tell me who actually reads this blog and I would really love to know who my lovely supporters are : )

inspiration: oversized

wide shoulders

brown sunnies, snakeskin & white lace – GIVE ME

converse styles

leopard & deep vs

 hipster central


converse & anything = stylish

June 1, 2011


by laurenlux

Ohh how I miss Italy. Tropea is a hidden gem my friends.. 20 euros a night for an apartment-style villa & being the only tourists on the beach & amazing italian food = priceless combination. Tropea is a tiny place (8000 people) and very few speak English, thus I had to dig up my Italian knowledge (learned during exchange semester in Milan) and be a translator for the weekend. I’m not going to lie, I loved it.. and it made me realize how much I miss Italy. The lifestyle is just so laid back.. it’s very refreshing and makes you wonder if enough people (I’m looking at all you North Americans) ever really take the time to sit back enjoy life like the Italians do. Here are some pics to show for it:


ready for some sun in our villa

old fashioned keys

sunnies & smiles

in awe

embracing Italian beer

…and a deserted beach

like so

ready for an authentic Italian meal

a little taste of Italian lifestyle.. leaving out the laundry to dry

 beach style: shorts/button down – vintage, top – urban outfitters

missing this already

some necessities: brown satchel, levi shorts, havianas

making friends

vintage crochet & jenny’s hat

in our garden

ciao Tropea

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