by laurenlux

Ohh how I miss Italy. Tropea is a hidden gem my friends.. 20 euros a night for an apartment-style villa & being the only tourists on the beach & amazing italian food = priceless combination. Tropea is a tiny place (8000 people) and very few speak English, thus I had to dig up my Italian knowledge (learned during exchange semester in Milan) and be a translator for the weekend. I’m not going to lie, I loved it.. and it made me realize how much I miss Italy. The lifestyle is just so laid back.. it’s very refreshing and makes you wonder if enough people (I’m looking at all you North Americans) ever really take the time to sit back enjoy life like the Italians do. Here are some pics to show for it:


ready for some sun in our villa

old fashioned keys

sunnies & smiles

in awe

embracing Italian beer

…and a deserted beach

like so

ready for an authentic Italian meal

a little taste of Italian lifestyle.. leaving out the laundry to dry

 beach style: shorts/button down Рvintage, top Рurban outfitters

missing this already

some necessities: brown satchel, levi shorts, havianas

making friends

vintage crochet & jenny’s hat

in our garden

ciao Tropea

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  1. thus I had to dig up my Italian knowledge

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