Back in the game

by laurenlux

I feel its necessary to catch you all up on my past 10 days. The reason I haven’t posted lately is because I’ve been out of the country travelling through Portugal and Spain with little/no access to internet! The great thing is that I have TONS to share! I started off visiting a friend in Sevilla, then Lagos (it was calling my name for a second time I swear), headed to Valencia for a few days, and then Barcelona for a music festival. I got back late last night exhausted!

This time in Lagos was much different from the last. An experience travelling is all about who you travel with/the people you meet. My first night there, (after a bumpy 6 hour bus ride from Sevilla), I was alone. This gave me an opportunity to meet loads of people at the hostel. Lucky for me I made a great friend on the bus ride who happened to be staying at the same place! He ended up being my partner in crime. I had some friends meeting me there for the other two nights, which was great because I got to introduce them to everyone! The hostel was fully booked since it’s high season so there was never a dull moment! Here are some pictures from Lagos.. more to come from the rest of my adventures!

Kenny – partner in crime

Oh how I love that beach

headband – vintage, romper – topshop

a day on the boat.. no complaints

sundown beach time & arrival of Kayla!

Kenny vs. Spenny

vs. Jenny

wedding picture
friendship bracelets never go out of style
hopefully freckles won’t either.. because mine come out with the sun!
australian beach bum.. pretty standard
nah nah bah (best restaurant in Lagos)
sometimes it’s necessary to be silly
romper – hm, belt – vintage, shoes – primark

One Comment to “Back in the game”

  1. Hey Lauren!!

    love reading your blogs everyday =) keep it up. Totally loving the pics from Lagos and the new Partner in crime! 😉

    take care,

    pS: come back on bbM!

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