by laurenlux

Happy Sunday! My friend got free tickets to the live Glee show at the O2 center last night, and we got to go! It was UNREAL, and contrary to what you all may think, the crowd at the show was mainly adults. I figured it would be a much younger crowd, but we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. After Glee we ended up going to this a few cool bars in Shoreditch, one called Old Blue Last, which is actually the pub of Vice Magazine, and then Bedroom Bar. Both were very trendy, which is typical of  the Shoreditch scene. Today was a stunningly beautiful day in London, about 27 degrees celsius and the sun was just beaming down. I spent the day spotting talent in and around Brick Lane and the greater Shoreditch area. I am actually shocked at how the maxi skirt/dress (especially in dark colours) still perseveres in this boiling hot weather! Here’s some of what I came across:

black on black

purple sneakers

persol inspired shades

mixed patterns

red chinos & plaid-esq blue – love this combo!

crrrrazy hair & dr. evil shades

big chains & h-core headpiece

studded jean vest paired with Chanel bag – gives me inspiration for my next project..

faded grey Dr. Martins & all black outfit

jean & camel – fav combo

want want want

2 Comments to “Gleeks”

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love it! I currently live in Texas and will be traveling to London in the fall to study abroad and do an internship. Reading your blog gets me so excited for the future. May I ask you a few questions about the city and your experience overall (preferably over email)? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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