101 Dalmatians

by laurenlux

Wayback playback – Dalmatian print is a popular trend for FW11 – who would have thought! The below Dalmatian shoes are something I would definitely consider for my wardrobe. Here are some other essentials that I would love to have in my closet. Also, some pictures from Muskoka, as promised.

Azzedine Alala – Dalmation Ankle Boot

You can never have too many cute satchels

Topshop – leather sleeve boyfriend coat – great for the fall!

Acne – http://www.net-a-porter.com

Cheap Monday – http://www.weekday.com

Photo taken in Copenhagen – vintage jean jacket & sunglasses combo is great!

Lace shorts under a long chiffon – I bought lace shorts just like these at H&M!

Ladies reunite

A little Wakesurfing

Nothing like a day on the boat

Banana boating!

Paddling across the bay

Muskoka chairs

Photocred – Heather Peever

Amazing wakeboarders!


2 Comments to “101 Dalmatians”

  1. Love the pictures!!!! Come back come back! See you next week ❤

  2. It’s official.

    I need the Alaïa booties in my life and… a sodding holiday!

    Sarah x


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