Ola Mallorca

by laurenlux

Off to Mallorca this weekend – I know, it’s not exactly surprising for my jetsetter self. I swear, being on this side of the world brings out the jetsetting alter ego in me. The truth is that I’m really just trying to prolong the summer as much as I can because the weather in London is rather depressing this time of year. We’re staying in an all-inclusive resort and I essentially plan on staying there the entire time (all of 2 days), lying on the beach and by the pool.

Speaking of this time of year, it’s fashion week next week! I say this with enthusiasm but the truth is fashion week isn’t all glamour and fun – it’s mostly stress, but hopefully I’ll be going to some cool events so I’ll keep you posted on that. Chase PR will be running the opening show Paul Costelloe so I’ll be working that next Friday. Working 1 show is much better than the 8 I worked in February….Exciting stuff!

A little taste of what I do.. Here is a work boot release I made yesterday! We send these to press when we want to push certain brands/product to be featured in magazines, newspapers, supplements, etc.

Wanting to be here.. now. Photocred: Fashiontoast (one of my favorite bloggers)

Waffle sweater & quilted leather

Brilliant combination – tight maxi with slit, contrasting beige oversize crop blouse & dessert boot runners

All black everything


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