Jetsetter strikes again

by laurenlux

Yes, that’s right. I will be jetsetting off to Barcelona this weekend for Halloween! I know I said the traveling and I were done, but I can’t seem to resist the opportunity to have one more trip in the sunshine. So apparently we are getting back together for one last weekend.

Last week at work was press week, which as I mentioned before is when the lovely editors and stylists from all the publications we deal with come to our showroom to view Spring Summer 12 collections. This basically means turning our showroom upside down and inside out. Chaotic times, but that’s no surprise.. just the nature of the industry. It isn’t slowing down either – we have two store launches next month and endless press events.

Here are some more streetstyle photos, a taste of Oktoberfest, and things I miss… respectively.

Pretty in pink.. I bought this sweater last week!

Denim on denim with a bit of yellow to break it up

The masculine female

Pumps with socks

Waffle & Wang

Terra Cotta (sp?) & Camel

Prints prints prints

Military chic

Hello layers


Things I miss: A special visitor who came this weekend for my birthday!

My home girls

Being a beach bum! However, I will reunite with the beach this weekend…

Stay tuned for more!


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