What’s on your Christmas list?

by laurenlux

I find every excuse I can to celebrate Christmas. I am SO excited to be spending the holidays in Toronto with my family and friends. Tomorrow night I have an Xmas robe party where everyone needs to wear their most comfortable robes! I personally don’t own one, so I might buy a simple one and DIY it with Xmas/Hannukah decorations. Sunday I actually have a Chrismukkah party which I will be cooking all day for! My family is doing secret santa with our friends, so for someone who doesn’t actually celebrate Christmas, I am surprisingly busy. Here are a few things on my wish list… along with some lovely streetstyle photos:

Every girl needs a sequined dress.. and you can never go wrong with a sweetheart neck!

Inspiration credits: Alessia Kalish

…and a velvet one (personal favourite in my closet)

Inspiration Credits: Jordy Terk via St. Nick

A truly esthetically pleasing cam jam

Karen Walker sunnies

Festive nail polish

Cognac Rag & Bones

Man & Bike, Black & White

Layer it up

Love the bike & skirt & excessive wrist jewelry… i.e. everything about this photo

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