Accessorize your accessories: Hats & Shoes for Boyz

by laurenlux

It’s all about accessories. Hats & Shoes are two elements of fashion that can make you stand out from the crowd while still wearing fairly minimalistic clothing. I think I just made up a word, but I like it. My made-up term derives from minimalism which, in fashion terms happens when simple combines with luxury to create an elegant, pared-down chic effect. This particular type of style is very much in line with how I dress – simple, but still edgy, by exposing the essence of clothing through the elimination of non-essential forms. I often wear very plain pieces, but crazy shoes/hats/coats. Everyone that knows me knows about my sick obsession with shoes. Minimum height – 5 inches. So, see below a compilation of shoes & hats, men’s edition. Ladies, you’re next.

While you’re listening, let’s talk music. Coming up on April 14th  is a very exciting and exclusive DJ event that I will be helping out with as a photographer. My dear friend, Mike Wilson, AKA Electro/House Music DJ Mikey Wilson will be releasing his next mixtape at the trendy Coquine in South Kensington. Beats will be going until 4am with some irresistible talent alongside Mike turning the tables. Themed black, white, and red, this party is something you don’t want to miss.

Tickets are £9 and selling fast. Get yours here Stay tuned for some more on DJ Mike’s background, and samples of his music.

Rag to the Bone.. Suede & Leather Lace-ups

Opening Ceremony Desert Boots

Brilliant B-Store Derby Shoes in Mustard

Get brown and dirty with Quoddy Leather Chukka Boots

Every man needs a brown loafer. These are a good place to start.

All black everything

Suede & Leather, nothing better (Folk Armstrong Boot)

Opening Ceremony Desert Boot in brrrrrown

These are good for when you’re beachin’ it

HATS! From left to right: 1) Paul Smith Straw Hat 2) Commes des Garcons Stripe Hat 3) Paul Smith Blue Straw Hat 4) Commes des Garcons Check Hat 5) Lock & Co Hatters Tribly Hat

I LOVE BEANIES IN THE SUMMER! From L to R: 1) CHUCS Ribbed Cashmere Hat 2) Issey Miyake Beanie 3) M by MJ Beanie in Red 4) M by MJ Beanie in Blue


One Comment to “Accessorize your accessories: Hats & Shoes for Boyz”

  1. I love the blue desert boots—-do they have them for women?
    Looking forward to your blog on shoes and accessories for ladies!

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