LFW So Far..

by laurenlux

It’s been a busy weekend. From Antoni and Alison to Maria Grachvogel and Jasper Conran shows, fashion week is exhausting! I have the Mark Fast show tonight, Liberty x Kenzo event following, and then a Rosh Hashanah potluck at a friends. Tomorrow I’m going to Aminaka Wilmont and then I am done with shows. If I’m being honest, I tend to prefer the street style
at LFW to the shows. I just find it more relatable. Here are some iPhone pics I snapped from LFW:

20120917-084846 AM.jpg

20120917-084919 AM.jpg

20120917-084933 AM.jpg

20120917-084945 AM.jpg

20120917-085001 AM.jpg

20120917-085015 AM.jpg

20120917-085026 AM.jpg

20120917-085035 AM.jpg

20120917-085045 AM.jpg

20120917-085059 AM.jpg

20120917-085110 AM.jpg

20120917-085120 AM.jpg

20120917-085128 AM.jpg

20120917-085138 AM.jpg

20120917-085148 AM.jpg


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