Fashion Weeks Wrap Up

by laurenlux

Currently writing this from St. Pancras International where I will soon be boarding a train to PAREE! I realize it may not make sense why I would be going to Paris on the last day of Paris Fashion Week. Going for pleasure rather than work though, and cannot WAIT to indulge in endless croissants starting… well… the second I get off the train. My fingers are crossed that my friend will be greeting me with one.

Here are some photos once again from the lovely Another Garcon. This was the second last day of London Fashion Week when I had the pleasure of attending Pringle of Scotland, Michael Van Der Ham, and Fashion East. After attending 6 shows (which is nothing compared to some bloggers) I was done with fashion week and decided to watch the rest via streaming.

lauren 1s

lauren 2s

lauren 5s

lauren 4s


5 Responses to “Fashion Weeks Wrap Up”

  1. Wow! Great shades. The trousers are fun and make the whole look work. Great choices !

  2. Oh Lauren, you look amazing! I am soo jealous of your beautiful Celine, I would love one, theyre so classic. What an amazing oufit! Victoria x


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