by laurenlux

I am increasingly finding how much I love shooting objects with my new cam! Here are some purchasessss from recent times in preparation for my trip to AZI! I am super happy because I was contacted by the press team at Urban Outfitters to come in an choose a few items, so below you’ll see some aztec shorts that I chose for my press appointment. I’m so happy that I was contacted by one of my all-time favourite brands! I think it’s easy with blogging to get caught up in featuring brands you don’t love just because they gift you free product, but I always promised myself I would only talk about ones that truly fit my blog and persona. Also was lucky enough to have access to the Selfridges designer preview on Friday so treated myself to this silly House of Holland smiley tee – perfect for festivals/fun/sleepy time/life. I am also thrilled about finding the black matte chain necklace – so similar to my all-time favourite Natalia Brilli necklace which retails for about 30x the price!













1. House of Holland smiley tee

2. Commes Des Garcons wallet

3. Freedom black matte necklace

4. Hanky Panky’s

5. White leather converse (sleeker and easier to clean)

6. American apparel high waisted shorts (so flattering!)

7. Urban Outfitters aztec shorts

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