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April 16, 2011

One of a Kind

by laurenlux

I was reading away on some blogs and discovered a really cool vintage store in London called One of a Kind! At this point I am itching to get back into my adventures there. There are just so many wonderful opportunitiesĀ  in that city, and being away from it for a couple weeks has made me realize just how much how I love it. Check out the website for One of a Kind.. they have online shopping too!

Inspiration: white maxi

Inspiration: cut-out look

Delicate Beauty Editorial

free spirits

Kustom 2011 Collection

neutrals, brights, maxi, gladiators, and sloppy-chic… well done Free People

Hello Topshop.. I am accepting early birthday presents

March 24, 2011

An inspiration to all..

by laurenlux

“The more eyes on fashion, the more opinions about fashion, the more exploration of fashion around the world…”

Check out the article/interview on Anna Wintour in The Wall Street Journal:

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