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June 26, 2011


by laurenlux

Happy Sunday! My friend got free tickets to the live Glee show at the O2 center last night, and we got to go! It was UNREAL, and contrary to what you all may think, the crowd at the show was mainly adults. I figured it would be a much younger crowd, but we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. After Glee we ended up going to this a few cool bars in Shoreditch, one called Old Blue Last, which is actually the pub of Vice Magazine, and then Bedroom Bar. Both were very trendy, which is typical of  the Shoreditch scene. Today was a stunningly beautiful day in London, about 27 degrees celsius and the sun was just beaming down. I spent the day spotting talent in and around Brick Lane and the greater Shoreditch area. I am actually shocked at how the maxi skirt/dress (especially in dark colours) still perseveres in this boiling hot weather! Here’s some of what I came across:

black on black

purple sneakers

persol inspired shades

mixed patterns

red chinos & plaid-esq blue – love this combo!

crrrrazy hair & dr. evil shades

big chains & h-core headpiece

studded jean vest paired with Chanel bag – gives me inspiration for my next project..

faded grey Dr. Martins & all black outfit

jean & camel – fav combo

want want want

May 15, 2011

Music takes you higher

by laurenlux

This past week was more eventful than expected. After coming home from Lagos I was hoping to spend the week relaxing. That failed rather miserably.. but in a good way if that at all makes sense. I ended up attending a magazine launch party on Wednesday (Twin Magazine). Being given the opportunity to do these things is surely one of the benefits of working in the fashion indsutry. Following the launch party at The Russian Club we headed over to Shoreditch house with some friends. If any of you ever get a chance to go there PLEASE try the burratta cheese.. it is to die for. Friday we ended up at an underground house music party in east London (Dalston Superstore) which was a great night full of music and dancing. I recently downloaded the Hed Kandi Beach House CD which is pretty good if any of you are interested. Saturday night we went to a friend’s loft/patio party in Angel… complete contrast of music from the first night given that it was filled with 90’s R&B but still great. I suppose my taste in music is rather ecclectic, if you will. Today of course (along with all my other Sundays) I spent the day embedded in vintage clothing/markets… mmm what a nice weekend! Here are some outfits I have worn recently.. along with weekend pics:

Embracing summer.. jacket – hm, skirt – vintage, shoes – vintage

New in: vintage jean jacket!


jacket – vintage, pants – topshop, shoes – vintage

favorite flats at the moment

bright stripes

friday night endeavors

patio/loft fun

March 28, 2011

District Line to… Middle of Nowhere!

by laurenlux

Another fun filled weekend. Friday went to this amazing Vietnamese restaurant in Shoreditch called Viet Grill. Ended up hitting some bars on Kingsland Road – Jaguar Shoes and Catch.. both pretty trendy places! Saturday we went to Broadway market and ate lots of yummy food. Follow that we dressed up as nautical prepsters and hit the boat race! It was actually a wild event – tons of young people everywhere drinking, cheering, and getting pumped up for the boat race. It was Oxford vs. Cambridge and Oxford won — we were a bit sad because we were cheering for Cambridge but still a fun time all around. The race itself was all of 10 minutes but the build up was what made it so exciting. After that we went to an amazing restaurant called Franco Manco which supposedly serves the best pizza in all of London! Trekking to the other side of the city sure was worth it. I think it took us about 1.5 hours to get there from where we were. Got my fix of streetstyle pics at those places plus of course Brick Lane, which is getting even better now that Spring is here…

Yummy risotto at Broadway Market

Twins with this guy 

Meat distribution

Mmmmm vintage… did I mention I got a pair of shoes for 17 pounds? I have shoe addiction issues…

Boat race crowd


Full on boat wear… minus the leather but can’t say I didn’t try

pants – zara, jacket – religion, top – hm

Puppy = baby

Loving the spirit

March 21, 2011

The Latest

by laurenlux

Busy weekend my friends! Went to some pubs in Angel on Friday, enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday by walking around my area only to discover a vintage market I had not seen before. Not that I need any more shoes, but purchased an irresistible pair of vintage brown leather booties (see below) for a very reasonable price. That night we revisited our favorite club in Camden Town, Proud. Always a good time at Proud despite the large line. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day once again and to embrace it some friends and I wondered through Brick Lane and discovered some nice boutiquey shops. I also discovered the Religion store – which is one of my favorite brands sold at Topshop; rather expensive but very edgy and cool. Check out their stuff on Here are some streetstyle pics from this week:

Inspiration: glasses

Michelle & Elana

Inspiration: Dr. Martens

There is nothing I love more than street music..

Vintage shoes I purchased

skirt/shoes/necklace – vintage, top – wilfred

February 13, 2011

Not on my plastic

by laurenlux

As promised, I have posted some pics from last night. Wild night I must say. Today Jordy and I went to the markets and explored more amazing food and shopping. We went to a random thai restaurant for dinner and just got back. We bought the most amazing tea today by this tea company called Yumchaa. I got the flavor Chili Chili Bang Bang and it is UNREAL. For all you tea lovers, check out – they deliver!

Proud (place we went to last night)


All time favorite thing in Brick Lane market

A Spanish touch

New in: Beatles record

This will spice up my white walls!

New in: satchel

Some stuff that Jordy and I got today in the markets!

February 13, 2011

Weekend update

by laurenlux

A day in the east.

Hey guys! Thought I would update you on how the weekend has been. So far, 3 words can sum it up: party, work, and shopping. Friday night my friend from Paris got in and I have to admit reuniting with her was such a great feeling. We ended up going for drinks with some people in Shoreditch at two places, one called Kalu Kaley which was basically an underground cocktail bar where the couches were made of bathtubs cut in half. The cocktails were very unique, and there were so many to choose from! Even their names were something you wouldn’t find at any regular bar… like Fizz Fizz Bang Bang, All that Jazz, Thunderbolt Peach, etc. Next, we went to this place called the Hoxton Pony, which was more of a hipster club scene but also very fun. We had a post dance party at my friends flat which I think was the best part of the night. Can never have enough dance parties!

Yesterday I worked for most of the day because we had a bunch of invites to get ready for the shows next weekend. We did the invites for Jonathan Saunders and Marios Schwab. Working on a Saturday isn’t something I would normally have to do, but there is so much preparation that goes into fashion week, so it was necessary. I still managed to get Jordy to some shops around Regent Street in between making the invites so it ended up being a productive day!

Last night was my friend Scott’s birthday party and we drank at his place (starting at 8pm.. sooo early!) and then went to Proud in Camden where we had a booth/stable reserved for us. What an amazing night! What I loved most about this place was that it used to be a stable, so all of the booths were themed differently and still had the horses names. I horseback ride myself, so I loved this. Our stable was named Sea Biscuit.

Today we are going to spend a day in the east (central-east) in some of the markets I have been raving about. We are also going to try going to a new area in Islington called Camden Passage.

Feature: Jordy

top – Topshop, scarf – Artiztia, purse – vintage, shoes – JC

In the moment: leather

top – American Apparel, necklace – vintage, pants – hm, boots – JC, lipstick – hold it by Benefit

Kalu Kaley


Post dances

Invites for London Fashion Week

Nuff said.

Beyond Retro – amazing store off Carniby Street!

Pics from last night to come later…

February 4, 2011

City of Interdependencies

by laurenlux

Today I ventured out around my area to find a reasonable place to get a manicure. I ended up at this place called Nails 4u which is actually very good and only costs 13 pounds! On my way to Nails 4u I discovered the Petticoat Lane Market. Actually quite a cool one to have just a few minutes from me. An interesting thing about this market was that one of the vendors happened to be part of a manufacturing company for Topshop. He sold (and not sure if this is even legal) clothing from Topshop at wholesale prices, stuff that wasn’t even out in the stores yet! I’ll definitely be going back to see him sometime soon.

Topshop Manufacturer

Petticoat Market

So I visited my favorite place once again, Oxford Circus, to run some errands. This is where I can explain the meaning of my blog post title. Basically everything in London is interdependent. Getting a phone plan depends on having a bank account here. Having a bank account takes days to activate, and you need to wait to receive a pin card in addition to your bank card in the mail. I initially got a pay as you go phone plan since I didn’t receive my bank card in the mail yet. I finally shared my phone number with all my friends, so that they had a point of contact with me. Just yesterday I received my bank card, so I walk into the phone place today at Oxford Circus and they tell me that in order to get a monthly plan I need to get an entirely new sim card, which will change my phone number (for whatever reason). It takes 3 days to activate the sim card and another 4 to have my old number switched over. After spending about 30 minutes listening to this, they tell me that oh by the way, I need to wait to receive my pin card in the mail to activate the account. Basically a big waste of time. Bottom line is that I can’t use my bank account yet, and I have to continue using pay as you go until I can use my bank account. Once I can use my bank account I’lll have a different phone number, and then a week later it will be switched over to my old phone number. For those of you in Canada, be thankful that we have an efficient system.

Me today..

shearling coat – H&M, pants – store on Queen st in Toronto (forget the name), bag – Topshop, shoes – Topshop

army jacket – vintage, t-shirt – Wilfred, necklace/bangles – Aldo Accessories

Off I go to have drinks with friends tonight!

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January 30, 2011

Jesus in London

by laurenlux

Today I went to Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market. Brick Lane is one of my all-time favorite places in London. It is a very inspiring vintage/craft/clothing/food market. All things I love in one place. All the people and clothing can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s what I love about it! Also, its easy to find things for reasonable prices if you look hard enough. Great place to buy gifts! Spitalfields isn’t as vintage-esque but is still amazing.

Like I said – amazing food.

Tried one of these scones – was to die for.

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January 30, 2011


by laurenlux

Upon my arrival..

My first few days here were pretty hectic. I got to my new place (which is right by Liverpool Street Station) and quickly realized just how much I needed to get settled in. Luckily we finished most of it in the first 2 days though and unpacking didn’t take too long. We ended up going to this one place to get some furniture, called Argo’s, and this was literally the strangest/most old school purchasing experience I have had! You had to pick things out of a catalogue, type them into a machine to see if they were in stock, write the codes down, and then pay for them and wait in a que for people in the store to get them out of the back room. The main problem was that we didn’t even get to see the items before purchasing them! A bit frustrating when they ended up being pretty poor quality. Good thing I learned early on never to go to Argo’s!

Onto more positive notes, the area I live in is unreal. I live just 3 minutes from the tube and there are a ton of restaurants and pubs/bars just walking distance from my place. I live right near food halls, markets (Brick Lane and Spitalfields and shopping as well! Basically I live in a very dangerous area in terms of my budget.

Last night I met up with some friends who live here. We went for dinner at this Mexican place in Covent Garden called Wahaca (highly suggest). It was a really fun environment and the food was yummy! We met up with some more friends after and all headed out to a bar (Los Locos) close to the restaurant.


Bar Los Locos
Couldn’t resist showing you guys this one.
Felt great to reunite with friends halfway across the world.
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