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August 12, 2013

A Reformation Affair

by laurenlux

New brand discovery! I am currently having a love affair with The Reformation. I saw a jumper on the lovely Rumi from fashion toast and the inspiration began. The Reformation is a New York based environmentally sustainable fashion brand that takes vintage/surplus materials to create an incredible collection of minimal, yet edgy clothing. Think midi dresses with unusual cutouts and low backs. It’s completely versatile so you can wear anything from day to night – like the dress I’m in below.  They ship internationally at pretty reasonable prices AND they have a sale right now – so check it out before it all sells! Outfit and some of my favourite pieces from the brand below..


LagosReformationOzoneDress LagosReformationOzoneDress2 LagosReformationOzoneDress3

1. The Reformation Ozone dress

2. Ray Ban oversized Clubmaster

August 8, 2013


by laurenlux

If anyone knows me well, they’ll know that I’ve completely transformed my wardrobe to white this summer. It’s just so clean and impeccable that I can’t get enough of it. Forget monochrome and black, white is the new black. I plan to carry this into AW13 too, despite defying all the laws of labour day. Anyway, below is a white/cream outfit from Portugal. Oh how I love that IRO skirt – I have gotten SO much use out of it. The necklaces are from possibly the CUTEST little shop in Lagos. I don’t know the name of it but I promise you will come across it in the old town – you can’t miss it. A tall, skinny, 30-something-year-old man owns this shop and it looks like a complete mess but has so many hidden gems that can be turned into necklaces/bracelets/centre pieces, etc. Let me know what y’all think!

IMG_2783 IMG_2781IMG_2773 IMG_2767IMG_2793
IMG_2798 IMG_2796IMG_2766IMG_2741

1. Topshop cami

2. IRO skirt (from last season unfortunately so no link)

3. Croatia bracelets

4. Necklaces from Portugese store above

July 31, 2013

3 for 3

by laurenlux

Just got back from Lagos. Despite this past visit being my third, the beaches still remain some of the most beautiful in Europe (aside from Croatia, that is). I packed pretty light and stuck to white, black (as you do), denim cutoffs, and a couple neon swimsuits. The yellow one I’m wearing below is only 55 pounds from Cheap Monday – what a bargain! With regards to Lagos recommendations  I would definitely recommend doing the 3 hour kayak trip to see all of the coves. Top restaurants to visit are Nah Nah Bah for burgers/American inspired food and Casina De Petsico for authentic Portugese. My favourite beach is below – Praia Dona Ana. If you do a little walk along the cost above this beach you’ll discover many more with beautiful coves and water with bright blue patches. Outfit details and links below..

IMG_2707IMG_2689 IMG_2698 IMG_2699 IMG_2700 IMG_2701 IMG_2706IMG_2687
IMG_2753 IMG_2756

1. Urban Outfitters top (courtesy of UO press team from their Camden store launch)

2. Cheap Monday bathing suit (purchased on but Nelly sells it too)

3. Urban Outfitters belt (vintage but re-made, also courtesy of UO press team)

4. Somedays Lovin’ destroyed denim cutoffs

5. Ray Ban round sunnies

6. Uniform Wares watch

7. Necklaces from a store in Lagos where the man picks the actual stones and turns them all into necklaces – will show pics of the store in my next post – some real gems!

July 23, 2013

Soundwavin’ 2013

by laurenlux

Enjoyed some sunshine and music at Soundwave Croatia in Tisno (just outside of Zadar) this weekend! Highlights were definitely Riot Jazz and Craig Charles. The majority of the festival was jazz, funk, soul, and brass bands with some top 40 and classic hits thrown in (even a bit of Fleetwood Mac). I had no idea what to expect for this weekend with regards to the music and I must admit it was by far the best festival I’ve ever been to! Tickets weren’t too expensive and we booked pretty last minute. Our apartment was incredible (pics below) and only 25 pound/night each! HomeAway also has great Croatia apartments though so we may look into that option next time! Everyone at the festival was really chilled and there was no pressure to party all the time (although we did hehe). Some pics below, mostly of the calm before the storm and a bit from the festival but just wanted to give a taste of Soundwave and how beautiful this little town was!

image IMG_2566IMG_2578IMG_2623IMG_2619IMG_2587IMG_2586IMG_2584IMG_2591IMG_2597IMG_2588IMG_2611 IMG_2603 IMG_2580 IMG_2614 IMG_2613

1. American Apparel shorts

2. Asos top (similar here)

3. See by Chloe bag

July 14, 2013

Carven Craving

by laurenlux

Summer in London is at it’s finest (literally 28 degrees every day) and to celebrate, I purchased these colourful/crazy Carven wedge-forms and they were 70% off from Matches – steal! What more could a girl ask for? My trip to Southeast Asia was incredible and ever since I’ve had the travel bug – so I’m off to Croatia Wednesday for Soundwave music festival. I’ve got lots of beautiful SE Asia pictures to post so stay tuned! I would also highly recommend checking out Matches sale, Net-A-Porter sale, and The Outnet because there are still some amazing deals on. Spotted some denim skirts, Opening Ceremony sandals, and Mary K/Current Elliot pieces for 70% off!

IMG_2503IMG_2512IMG_2508IMG_2529 IMG_2524 IMG_2522IMG_2478

1. Minkpink dress

2. Carven shoes

3. Freedom by Topshop necklace

4. Rings from Stories and Made Her Think

June 7, 2013

Pre Asie

by laurenlux

In celebration of my big trip to Asia (which I leave for tonight) I thought I would share some of my summer wardrobe ! Of course I indulged in a bit of nelly, asos, etc etc… I just couldn’t help myself – however, found some great deals. H&M is selling bathing suits for 5 pounds! I got a bright pink one – couldn’t find it online but all you need to know is they are selling really cute bikinis for a 10er, which is pretty sick. This summer I wanted a mix of white, silver, denim, cutouts and print. I think the below gives me just the right balance. I also just recently discovered The Reformation – which is where I got the black dress below from – LOVE IT!

packing1. ASOS white cutout dress

2. Office black leather sandals

3. River Island acid wash skirt

4. jewellery: ring, cuff, and necklace

5. BA&SH low back sundress from ASOS

6. Minkpink distant traveller dress in patchwork

7. The Reformation ozone dress

8. Topshop white crop cami

9. People tree skirt from ASOS

10. White bandeau bikini

May 29, 2013


by laurenlux

I am increasingly finding how much I love shooting objects with my new cam! Here are some purchasessss from recent times in preparation for my trip to AZI! I am super happy because I was contacted by the press team at Urban Outfitters to come in an choose a few items, so below you’ll see some aztec shorts that I chose for my press appointment. I’m so happy that I was contacted by one of my all-time favourite brands! I think it’s easy with blogging to get caught up in featuring brands you don’t love just because they gift you free product, but I always promised myself I would only talk about ones that truly fit my blog and persona. Also was lucky enough to have access to the Selfridges designer preview on Friday so treated myself to this silly House of Holland smiley tee – perfect for festivals/fun/sleepy time/life. I am also thrilled about finding the black matte chain necklace – so similar to my all-time favourite Natalia Brilli necklace which retails for about 30x the price!













1. House of Holland smiley tee

2. Commes Des Garcons wallet

3. Freedom black matte necklace

4. Hanky Panky’s

5. White leather converse (sleeker and easier to clean)

6. American apparel high waisted shorts (so flattering!)

7. Urban Outfitters aztec shorts

May 23, 2013


by laurenlux

Went to the Selfridges x Attitude event tonight showcasing mens swimsuits, underwear, and socks haha.. totally not what I expected. Literally, my friend and I were the only females there. It’s no surprise really, as Attitude is a men’s (if ya know what I mean) magazine. I probably should have googled that pre-event. Great fun nonetheless.










1. Karen Walker sunnies

2. JW Anderson x Topshop baseball jacket

3. The Kooples blouse

4. Zara skort

5. Acne bag

6. Vintage & YSL rings

May 20, 2013

Into the Leather

by laurenlux

If anyone knows me, they know that I LOVE LEATHER. It’s an addiction that I simply can’t resist, but one that’s worthy of bringing up since I’m sporting my favourite h&m leather trousers in the below outfit. This weekend I visited Cucumba spa and was lucky enough to enjoy their facial and manicure quick fix. All in all I would recommend as they do a number of treatments at pretty reasonable rates i.e. Wahanda sells most for 40% off! It’s a pretty sweet deal. I also tried Barry’s Bootcamp on Sunday and I am officially addicted. I was fortunate enough to have had access to a personal trainer for years but living in London just didn’t allow me to do it anymore (TOO EXPEEZ). I heard about Bootcamp through a friend and did a bit of research, tried it and now I can’t stop. It’s about 1/4 the price of a personal trainer and the workout is way better. I think it’s the group dynamic that makes you want to work harder since it stirs up a bit of (healthy) competition.













1. Zara embroidered knit and jacket

2. H&M leather pants

3. Etsy necklace

4. Toga pulla boots

5. Alexander Wang bag

6. Made Her Think and Stories rings

May 12, 2013

New Cam

by laurenlux

I got a Canon D600 last weekend and had a little play with some recent purchases from Copenhagen, etc. Going from a DSLR to SLR is a big step for me and I think it’s a natural progression in my blogging career. I just think that blogs are all about the visuals and I really wanted mine to look much more professional. PLUS, I love photography as a hobby. I’m heading off to Southeast Asia for a couple weeks in June so it was perfect timing to get used to the new cam before my big trip.

This weekend I discovered the Brandy Melville store in Sloane square which was pretty cool. BM is an Italian brand modelled of L.A. style. Think Coachella meets American Apparel. Although the exchange rate kinda screws people over it’s still very well priced for what it is (similar to H&M prices).














1. Rag and Bone jeans (got off the outnet 70% off!)

2. Vintage & stories rings

3. Brandy Melville necklace

4.. Zara bra

5. Iro Irwin skirt

6. Brandy Melville dress

7. Acne scale bag

8. Stationary! Unnecessary but necessary to add to my collection. I’m addicted.

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