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August 12, 2013

A Reformation Affair

by laurenlux

New brand discovery! I am currently having a love affair with The Reformation. I saw a jumper on the lovely Rumi from fashion toast and the inspiration began. The Reformation is a New York based environmentally sustainable fashion brand that takes vintage/surplus materials to create an incredible collection of minimal, yet edgy clothing. Think midi dresses with unusual cutouts and low backs. It’s completely versatile so you can wear anything from day to night – like the dress I’m in below.  They ship internationally at pretty reasonable prices AND they have a sale right now – so check it out before it all sells! Outfit and some of my favourite pieces from the brand below..


LagosReformationOzoneDress LagosReformationOzoneDress2 LagosReformationOzoneDress3

1. The Reformation Ozone dress

2. Ray Ban oversized Clubmaster

August 8, 2013


by laurenlux

If anyone knows me well, they’ll know that I’ve completely transformed my wardrobe to white this summer. It’s just so clean and impeccable that I can’t get enough of it. Forget monochrome and black, white is the new black. I plan to carry this into AW13 too, despite defying all the laws of labour day. Anyway, below is a white/cream outfit from Portugal. Oh how I love that IRO skirt – I have gotten SO much use out of it. The necklaces are from possibly the CUTEST little shop in Lagos. I don’t know the name of it but I promise you will come across it in the old town – you can’t miss it. A tall, skinny, 30-something-year-old man owns this shop and it looks like a complete mess but has so many hidden gems that can be turned into necklaces/bracelets/centre pieces, etc. Let me know what y’all think!

IMG_2783 IMG_2781IMG_2773 IMG_2767IMG_2793
IMG_2798 IMG_2796IMG_2766IMG_2741

1. Topshop cami

2. IRO skirt (from last season unfortunately so no link)

3. Croatia bracelets

4. Necklaces from Portugese store above

July 23, 2013

Soundwavin’ 2013

by laurenlux

Enjoyed some sunshine and music at Soundwave Croatia in Tisno (just outside of Zadar) this weekend! Highlights were definitely Riot Jazz and Craig Charles. The majority of the festival was jazz, funk, soul, and brass bands with some top 40 and classic hits thrown in (even a bit of Fleetwood Mac). I had no idea what to expect for this weekend with regards to the music and I must admit it was by far the best festival I’ve ever been to! Tickets weren’t too expensive and we booked pretty last minute. Our apartment was incredible (pics below) and only 25 pound/night each! HomeAway also has great Croatia apartments though so we may look into that option next time! Everyone at the festival was really chilled and there was no pressure to party all the time (although we did hehe). Some pics below, mostly of the calm before the storm and a bit from the festival but just wanted to give a taste of Soundwave and how beautiful this little town was!

image IMG_2566IMG_2578IMG_2623IMG_2619IMG_2587IMG_2586IMG_2584IMG_2591IMG_2597IMG_2588IMG_2611 IMG_2603 IMG_2580 IMG_2614 IMG_2613

1. American Apparel shorts

2. Asos top (similar here)

3. See by Chloe bag

April 18, 2013

Acne Archive

by laurenlux

The shopping highlight of Copenhagen was going to Acne Archive. OH MY GOD. It is incredible. Not only do they have 70% off previous seasons collections… BUT they have unworn/unused samples from the current season. E.G. I bought a bag that I fell in love with in the Acne store but couldn’t afford for the life of me for 50% OFF at Archives. I guess it’s fair to say outlets can be hit or miss but this one was a HIT. Best hit of my life. If only the Acne Lila boot was there too.


1. American Retro jacket

2. Acne Canada scarf

3. Etoile Isabel Marant jumper

4. Wang bag

5. Zara skort

6. Toga Pulla boots


Acne Store Gammel Mønt



Saint Laurent and stories rings


Some pics from Storm Fashion


Byredo perfumes at Storm


Givenchy loafers


Books + stationary… It was difficult for me to only buy one of these




Acne Archive — if you don’t go you are MISSING OUT. Do the right thing.

April 16, 2013


by laurenlux

This past weekend I jet-setted to Copenhagen, or shall I say København (hehe). I am now in love with all things Danish. We stayed at an airbnb flat in Vesterbro, an up and coming area of Copenhagen. We hung out and shopped mostly around Vesterbro, Norrebro, and Indre By (central Copenhagen). Resisting purchasing every item that caught my eye caused me great pain and suffering. I know it’s a blessing in disguise, but I swear, shoes and clothes are haunting my thoughts and dreams. Help. I did indulge in a few bits, some you’ll see in upcoming posts and below. I must also mention that I highly recommend having brunch at Paludan or Granola. Next post I write will be a round up of Danish brands to keep in mind/stalk/buy/stop me from buying/etc.


1. Wilfred Hat

2. Kenzo Jumper

3. New Icons Jacket (H&M’s new off-duty model collection)

4. Alexander Wang Bag

6. American Retro Trousers

7. Acne  Boots (yeah, I couldn’t resist)


Acne Lila Boots in Black (Danish purchase, I had to)



Brunch at Granola in Vesterbro



Embracing the sunshine

April 4, 2013

The Canadian in Me

by laurenlux

I guess I don’t talk about this enough, but I have gotten a lot of requests recently for more discussion around Canadian brands that I love. I do admit there is something to be said about learning about brands that you either haven’t heard of or don’t have access to. I guess it’s human nature to want what you can’t have.

If I were to relate one brand to the UK it would be Holt Renfrew. Rather than a brand on it’s own, it’s actually positioned as a luxury department store run by the same owner as Selfridges and Primark, Galen Weston (Canadian like myself). It has a similar feel to Selfridges in that it’s not your average department store — it’s trendy and has a brand personality when you walk through the store. The buyers are open to stocking all sort of designers from the likes of newly discovered brands i.e. Erin Kleinberg (they were one of the first stores to stock her) to trending (Helmut Lang), classic (Chanel) and established brands (Alexander Wang), to name but a few. It’s interesting because if you look at London, there are so many competing brands from the likes of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Net-A-Porter, House of Fraser, Liberty to Matches. In Canada – Holt’s definitely holds the position as THE retail luxury department store, with Hudson’s Bay Company trailing behind – but at quite a rapid pace over the past 2 years especially (proud to say I used to work for them in merchandising)! It’s pretty mental when you think about how much opportunity a brand like Holts has since it holds such an advantage in that space.

Before I ramble on about Holts (and I will do a future outfit post from there so you can see what they have to offer), I wanted to share the below pictures with you from my lovely photoshoot with Jaime from Boy Meets Fashion. What a wonderful camera he has! I would love to get my hands on one of those. We did the shoot for Selfridges No Noise Campaign highlighting de-branded Beats By Dre. The purpose of the campaign was to promote silence since our world is so crowded with brands. Selfridges even had a meditation centre where customers could just relax and wind down. Shopping can be stressful so trust me this was a very helpful space! The debranded beats are also wayyyy nicer than the regular ones. You’ll notice a few things in the images below: 1. I am wearing a Toronto Blue Jay’s hat. They are my favourite baseball team – obviously. 2. One of the photos has Jamie’s writing on it – I included this because I think it’s really cute how he comments on photos this way. 3. The man in the other photos is Jamie!


1. Toronto Blue Jays Hat

2. Acne Scarf 

3. Topshop Boutique Jacket 

4. Chanel Bag

5.  Vintage/markets/Saint Laurent Rings 







The magical Selfridges – where you can buy the de-branded beats.

Happy Friday everyone!

March 20, 2012


by laurenlux

In spirit of St. Patricks, let’s talk green. Firstly, I’d like to say I had quite an eventful weekend celebrating St. Patty’s in Dublin. Two words to describe it: pure carnage. There were about 15-20 Canadians dressed in ridiculous green outfits from head to toe which was a fashion disaster to say the least. But when it comes to celebrating holidays, who cares!

Now, onto what’s trending: Spring greens. I have fallen madly in love with sea-foam/mint green. This has got to be one of my favourite colours for Spring/Summer 12. My most recent seafoam green purchase was The Kooples Flowing Crepe Shirt, featured below, and key sea-foam green pieces, and looks that they go with. Oh, and how can I forget, ST PATTY’S DAY PICS!

The edgy-chic look

From left to right: 1. Helmut Lang Leather Trim Blazer 2. Asos Cage Ring 3. Kooples Mint Flowing Shirt 4. Asos Hammered Double Cuffs 5. Rag & Bone Lace-up Sandals 6. Alexander Wang Pale Gold Rocco Bag 6. Faith Connecion Lace-up Leather Pant

How to layer pastels… and spice them up with Neon!

From left to right: 1. Wilfred Casbah Pant 2. Chloe Wedge 3. Wilfred Tigris Blouse 4. Madewell Denim Shirt 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Neon Yellow Bag 6. Theyskens’ Theory White Tank

Talk about romance!

From left to right: 1. Jonathan Saunders Mint Waffle Knit Sweater 2. Acne Leather Skirt 3. Acne Audrey Silk and Suede Shoes

From left to right: 1. Acne Shining Crepe Shirt 2. Acne Prop Cropped Straight Leg Jeans 3. Chloe Peep-toe Wedge

Flatmates in Dublin

Pubs galore

March 28, 2011

District Line to… Middle of Nowhere!

by laurenlux

Another fun filled weekend. Friday went to this amazing Vietnamese restaurant in Shoreditch called Viet Grill. Ended up hitting some bars on Kingsland Road – Jaguar Shoes and Catch.. both pretty trendy places! Saturday we went to Broadway market and ate lots of yummy food. Follow that we dressed up as nautical prepsters and hit the boat race! It was actually a wild event – tons of young people everywhere drinking, cheering, and getting pumped up for the boat race. It was Oxford vs. Cambridge and Oxford won — we were a bit sad because we were cheering for Cambridge but still a fun time all around. The race itself was all of 10 minutes but the build up was what made it so exciting. After that we went to an amazing restaurant called Franco Manco which supposedly serves the best pizza in all of London! Trekking to the other side of the city sure was worth it. I think it took us about 1.5 hours to get there from where we were. Got my fix of streetstyle pics at those places plus of course Brick Lane, which is getting even better now that Spring is here…

Yummy risotto at Broadway Market

Twins with this guy 

Meat distribution

Mmmmm vintage… did I mention I got a pair of shoes for 17 pounds? I have shoe addiction issues…

Boat race crowd


Full on boat wear… minus the leather but can’t say I didn’t try

pants – zara, jacket – religion, top – hm

Puppy = baby

Loving the spirit

February 4, 2011

City of Interdependencies

by laurenlux

Today I ventured out around my area to find a reasonable place to get a manicure. I ended up at this place called Nails 4u which is actually very good and only costs 13 pounds! On my way to Nails 4u I discovered the Petticoat Lane Market. Actually quite a cool one to have just a few minutes from me. An interesting thing about this market was that one of the vendors happened to be part of a manufacturing company for Topshop. He sold (and not sure if this is even legal) clothing from Topshop at wholesale prices, stuff that wasn’t even out in the stores yet! I’ll definitely be going back to see him sometime soon.

Topshop Manufacturer

Petticoat Market

So I visited my favorite place once again, Oxford Circus, to run some errands. This is where I can explain the meaning of my blog post title. Basically everything in London is interdependent. Getting a phone plan depends on having a bank account here. Having a bank account takes days to activate, and you need to wait to receive a pin card in addition to your bank card in the mail. I initially got a pay as you go phone plan since I didn’t receive my bank card in the mail yet. I finally shared my phone number with all my friends, so that they had a point of contact with me. Just yesterday I received my bank card, so I walk into the phone place today at Oxford Circus and they tell me that in order to get a monthly plan I need to get an entirely new sim card, which will change my phone number (for whatever reason). It takes 3 days to activate the sim card and another 4 to have my old number switched over. After spending about 30 minutes listening to this, they tell me that oh by the way, I need to wait to receive my pin card in the mail to activate the account. Basically a big waste of time. Bottom line is that I can’t use my bank account yet, and I have to continue using pay as you go until I can use my bank account. Once I can use my bank account I’lll have a different phone number, and then a week later it will be switched over to my old phone number. For those of you in Canada, be thankful that we have an efficient system.

Me today..

shearling coat – H&M, pants – store on Queen st in Toronto (forget the name), bag – Topshop, shoes – Topshop

army jacket – vintage, t-shirt – Wilfred, necklace/bangles – Aldo Accessories

Off I go to have drinks with friends tonight!

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January 30, 2011

Jesus in London

by laurenlux

Today I went to Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market. Brick Lane is one of my all-time favorite places in London. It is a very inspiring vintage/craft/clothing/food market. All things I love in one place. All the people and clothing can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s what I love about it! Also, its easy to find things for reasonable prices if you look hard enough. Great place to buy gifts! Spitalfields isn’t as vintage-esque but is still amazing.

Like I said – amazing food.

Tried one of these scones – was to die for.

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