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April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Madness

by laurenlux

Back in London and feeling great! Oh how I missed playing with clothes and shoes at work… and of course it feels wonderful to be reunited with my favorite Starworkers. I have to admit though that there has been NONSTOP talk about the royal wedding. In my industry at least the biggest question is what dress will she wear? Clearly Kate wants to keep it a secret… but many people say it could very well be McQueen. The moment we have been anxiously awaiting is in less than 12 hours and I will be sitting in hyde park watching it on the big screens! Supposedly 200, 000 people will be in hyde park and there will be a special ferris wheel set up just for the occasion. Apparently Kate and William will make an appearance on the balcony of the palace, so hopefully we will get to see that. Stay tuned for Royal Wedding pics!

Post work fun for Alexia’s last day : (

Rearranging Hogan products in the showroom…

Marios Schwab

Nicholas Kirkwood

all the lovely shoes…

Royal Wedding spirit

April 4, 2011

Turn of events

by laurenlux

Friday was madness! The entire office was basically turned inside out in preparation for press day. I got the guilty pleasure of entering some beautiful new Kate Spade bags into our system. I must say, Kate Spade is having quite the comeback with their bags. Leopard prints, mock croc, purple suede, and the softest leather were just some of the great qualities of these bags. Friday was also madness because I decided to make a trip to Toronto earlier than expected. I am now home, but dont you worry my friends, streetstyle and my style blog will continue. I promise not to let you down! I have had some requests to post about wardrobe essentials, so I will definitely work on that this week.

mmm Kate Spade bags

loving the piano clutch

Dee bag working the hat.. and Holly in her zone

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte… HELLO

Inspiration: earth tones

Inspiration: hat… get me one of those!

March 24, 2011

The Perfect 5

by laurenlux

According to Nicholas Kirkwood, my friend and fellow intern Jasmine has the perfect size 5 feet. Last season Nicholas Kirkwood asked Jasmine to model her perfect feet in all of their size 5 shoes. She actually went to Italy (Milan and Bolognia) to try on shoes in their production house. Apparently the ideal size 5 foot is quite thin, so we always ask her if she diets her feet (running joke in the office).

So the weather these past couple days has been beautiful, and to embrace that we went to Berkeley Square Park to sit on a bench and enjoy the sun. Work isn’t as busy this week, but press day is coming up soon which will be madness — fun madness! Sometimes chaos is nice my friends.

Inspiration: Chanel


dress – topshop, leather – religion, shoes – KG by kurt geiger

February 16, 2011


by laurenlux

London Fashion Week is crazy! Days have been flying by like minutes. Invites for the 8 shows have been posted or hand delivered, and now its just a matter of getting all the samples requested to the necessary people. This can be quite a complicated process. When a sample goes out it needs to be booked out in the system, and often times press requests certain looks when the items are still out. It can take a while to get them back from certain publications, especially if they are international like Elle US. As a result, people often need to chase them.. something I have learned to do in the past couple days! In addition to the samples being sent out and returned, there are also different presentations that need to be organized, such as Karl Lagerfeld for Hogan A/W 11 collection. From the PR side of things, we deal with all of the planning of the event including invites, venue, press, etc.

The first show that I’m working is Saturday morning and we need to be there 2 hours before – so at 7:30am. There is another one in the evening, and more shows on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Super exciting! This should really be a fab experience. I am very lucky to be jumping into this right as fashion week takes off…


More bags for invites!!

Dim sum time!!

so lovely to see familiar faces after a long day…

coat – vintage, snood – hm, top – all saints


In the moment: crochet

crochet – vintage, shoes – office


In the moment: buckles

February 11, 2011


by laurenlux

thank G-d it’s ALMOST Friday.

It has been a very exhausting, yet exciting week.

The past couple days at work have been very hectic and although it’s a stressful environment I work well under pressure so I kinda love this. Seeing what goes into fashion week is a great experience. The loads of invite requests, sample requests, sample returns, and people coming in and out of the office including publicists, stylists, editors, and so on blows my mind. The phone is ringing every 5 seconds, couriers are walking in and out every 2 minutes and everyone is are scrambling to get the samples ready the the returns put back in the showroom. The Chief Editor of Fashion for Elle UK was in the office yesterday – pretty cool! Also, someone came in to bring a few pairs of shoes that were pulled from the Dover Street Market for Rihanna to wear. There was a request for Blake Lively in one of the calls that I answered… fun stuff!

Today there was an urgent call in for bright block colored clothing to be sent to Harper’s Bazaar and I had to help get this together. This included collecting items from each of the account execs, picking some items from the showroom, scanning all of the items into GPS and of course packaging them all in about 15 minutes. There were a total of about 20 items including clothing, bags, and shoes. It was such a rush but I live for moments like that! Those are where I thrive and find that I learn the most.

The thing that I find with the fashion industry is that most of the people who work in it want to be there, so its quite a passionate (not to mention intense and competitive) environment. It’s very refreshing to work in a culture like that, because I’ve definitely worked in ones where people around me are simply miserable with their jobs and that definitely forms a negative vibe in the culture.

In the moment: WEDGE

scarf – asos, stripes – hm, pants – wilfred, wedge – urban, coat – vintage

New in: Crochet fringed dress, Petticoat Market

New in: Army harem pant, Topshop

New in: Leopard sweater: Brick Lane Market, striped sweater: Topshop


In the moment: SHEER & CAMEL

camel – Topshop, necklace – vintage, skirt – Petticoat Market, boots – vintage

Tomorrow will probably be a bit crazy since invites need to be sent out on Monday – meaning either staying late tomorrow night or working some of Saturday. The work that goes into fashion week is unbelievable! Also, my best friend Jordy is in this weekend – so lots to look forward to. That’s it for now!

February 8, 2011

Work it.

by laurenlux


Today was my first day at Starworks. The office is unbelieveable. The showroom filled with such beautiful clothing, shoes, and bags. I got to take a look at everything brand by brand (client by client) which was really cool. Some of the clients stuff I really loved, mainly Hudson, Pollini, Trilogy, Jonathan Saunders, and Marios Schwab. It was just very cool to see all of the samples hanging up throughout the office. The people at Starworks were very nice and welcoming and I am already learning about the exciting world of PR. I know that I have a long way to go, but today was very exciting for me. There are many interns working at Starworks right now since fashion week is coming up (Feb 18-23) which I am super pumped for. Starworks is doing 7 different fashion shows and I will be attending/working some of them. More to come! And as promised, pictures from the weekend and my outfit for my first day.

Me today.

Not really capable of looking at a camera so early in the morning so this was the best I could do. Decided to go with a simpler, more minimalistic outfit.

Blouse – wilfred free, pants – JBrand, wedges – Jeffrey Campbell, bangle – Topshop

Yes, thats right, my first male feature: Ben

hat – vintage, shirt – tnt blu, jeans – Hudson, shoes – rag & bone

Before we went to Cargo

Shore Ditch bar scene – very lively & fun!

Me yesterday.

coat – H&M, sweater – Topshop, tunic – Wilfred, shoes – vintage

The buildings here are so beautiful! This is right behind my flat.

Visited Spitalfields Market once again and made friends with this lovely man who sold me a vintage army coat. Visit his website to take a look or order one:

Amazing new vintage market I discovered.

Just before heading out on Friday night.

top – Evil Twin, skirt – Zara, wedges – Jeffrey Campbell, bracelet – C.C. Skye

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