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July 29, 2011

Full disclosure

by laurenlux

I can finally disclose the information we have all been waiting for! I am starting a new job, in London at a fashion PR agency called Chase PR. I will be starting as an Account Executive working on menswear and sports. I am so excited for this! I really enjoy working with menswear because it is an entirely different take on fashion. Men tend to dress for style whereas women dress for fashion and follow all the trends – which aren’t always stylish.. but to me, there is nothing better than a man with style. Here is my idea of a stylish man.. and some other pictures I took from Canada day which I never got to share!

Denim shirts & laceup brogues

Sunnies & V-necks

A cute hat, bright colored loafers & some plaid pants

Ripped jeans & worn down combats

Tapered jeans & button downs

really just love this outfit – from the sunnies to theĀ  oversized jean jacket to the black booties

long chiffon – love it

Bringing flipcup to halfway across the world to London – pretty awesome

Free Willy makes an appearance

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