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June 3, 2011


by laurenlux

 Tranquil.. as they describe in Italian meanspeacefully/calmy/to relax. That is what I am looking forward to this weekend (minus the partying) after this mental week at work. I went to this great bar the other night in Angel called Narrow Boat and enjoyed my first fish and chips in London! It was so tasty.. I think I’ll have to revisit the boat. My internship with Starworks is quickly coming to an end and I am feeling pretty bittersweet about this. On the plus side, it will be nice to have some time to myself… however I do get bored pretty easily. That being said, my sporadic travels will fill that void. This is actually the first job I have had where it is simply not possible to be bored for a single second. Fashion is MADNESS and I love it.. I never want to be bored again. Here are some streetstyle pictures my dear friends.. hope you enjoy! Also.. please do feel free to comment on any post.. Site stats can’t tell me who actually reads this blog and I would really love to know who my lovely supporters are : )

inspiration: oversized

wide shoulders

brown sunnies, snakeskin & white lace – GIVE ME

converse styles

leopard & deep vs

 hipster central


converse & anything = stylish

March 28, 2011

District Line to… Middle of Nowhere!

by laurenlux

Another fun filled weekend. Friday went to this amazing Vietnamese restaurant in Shoreditch called Viet Grill. Ended up hitting some bars on Kingsland Road – Jaguar Shoes and Catch.. both pretty trendy places! Saturday we went to Broadway market and ate lots of yummy food. Follow that we dressed up as nautical prepsters and hit the boat race! It was actually a wild event – tons of young people everywhere drinking, cheering, and getting pumped up for the boat race. It was Oxford vs. Cambridge and Oxford won — we were a bit sad because we were cheering for Cambridge but still a fun time all around. The race itself was all of 10 minutes but the build up was what made it so exciting. After that we went to an amazing restaurant called Franco Manco which supposedly serves the best pizza in all of London! Trekking to the other side of the city sure was worth it. I think it took us about 1.5 hours to get there from where we were. Got my fix of streetstyle pics at those places plus of course Brick Lane, which is getting even better now that Spring is here…

Yummy risotto at Broadway Market

Twins with this guy 

Meat distribution

Mmmmm vintage… did I mention I got a pair of shoes for 17 pounds? I have shoe addiction issues…

Boat race crowd


Full on boat wear… minus the leather but can’t say I didn’t try

pants – zara, jacket – religion, top – hm

Puppy = baby

Loving the spirit

February 8, 2011

Work it.

by laurenlux


Today was my first day at Starworks. The office is unbelieveable. The showroom filled with such beautiful clothing, shoes, and bags. I got to take a look at everything brand by brand (client by client) which was really cool. Some of the clients stuff I really loved, mainly Hudson, Pollini, Trilogy, Jonathan Saunders, and Marios Schwab. It was just very cool to see all of the samples hanging up throughout the office. The people at Starworks were very nice and welcoming and I am already learning about the exciting world of PR. I know that I have a long way to go, but today was very exciting for me. There are many interns working at Starworks right now since fashion week is coming up (Feb 18-23) which I am super pumped for. Starworks is doing 7 different fashion shows and I will be attending/working some of them. More to come! And as promised, pictures from the weekend and my outfit for my first day.

Me today.

Not really capable of looking at a camera so early in the morning so this was the best I could do. Decided to go with a simpler, more minimalistic outfit.

Blouse – wilfred free, pants – JBrand, wedges – Jeffrey Campbell, bangle – Topshop

Yes, thats right, my first male feature: Ben

hat – vintage, shirt – tnt blu, jeans – Hudson, shoes – rag & bone

Before we went to Cargo

Shore Ditch bar scene – very lively & fun!

Me yesterday.

coat – H&M, sweater – Topshop, tunic – Wilfred, shoes – vintage

The buildings here are so beautiful! This is right behind my flat.

Visited Spitalfields Market once again and made friends with this lovely man who sold me a vintage army coat. Visit his website to take a look or order one:

Amazing new vintage market I discovered.

Just before heading out on Friday night.

top – Evil Twin, skirt – Zara, wedges – Jeffrey Campbell, bracelet – C.C. Skye

February 4, 2011

City of Interdependencies

by laurenlux

Today I ventured out around my area to find a reasonable place to get a manicure. I ended up at this place called Nails 4u which is actually very good and only costs 13 pounds! On my way to Nails 4u I discovered the Petticoat Lane Market. Actually quite a cool one to have just a few minutes from me. An interesting thing about this market was that one of the vendors happened to be part of a manufacturing company for Topshop. He sold (and not sure if this is even legal) clothing from Topshop at wholesale prices, stuff that wasn’t even out in the stores yet! I’ll definitely be going back to see him sometime soon.

Topshop Manufacturer

Petticoat Market

So I visited my favorite place once again, Oxford Circus, to run some errands. This is where I can explain the meaning of my blog post title. Basically everything in London is interdependent. Getting a phone plan depends on having a bank account here. Having a bank account takes days to activate, and you need to wait to receive a pin card in addition to your bank card in the mail. I initially got a pay as you go phone plan since I didn’t receive my bank card in the mail yet. I finally shared my phone number with all my friends, so that they had a point of contact with me. Just yesterday I received my bank card, so I walk into the phone place today at Oxford Circus and they tell me that in order to get a monthly plan I need to get an entirely new sim card, which will change my phone number (for whatever reason). It takes 3 days to activate the sim card and another 4 to have my old number switched over. After spending about 30 minutes listening to this, they tell me that oh by the way, I need to wait to receive my pin card in the mail to activate the account. Basically a big waste of time. Bottom line is that I can’t use my bank account yet, and I have to continue using pay as you go until I can use my bank account. Once I can use my bank account I’lll have a different phone number, and then a week later it will be switched over to my old phone number. For those of you in Canada, be thankful that we have an efficient system.

Me today..

shearling coat – H&M, pants – store on Queen st in Toronto (forget the name), bag – Topshop, shoes – Topshop

army jacket – vintage, t-shirt – Wilfred, necklace/bangles – Aldo Accessories

Off I go to have drinks with friends tonight!

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February 2, 2011

The Shop that’s on Top.

by laurenlux

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.

Yesterday and today we went yes, you guessed it, shopping. Oxford Circus, Regent Street, Carniby Street, and much much more. In other words, danger. 5 floor Top Shop, Selfridges, Oasis, Warehouse, Reiss, Whistles, Kurt Geiger, you name it. All the amazing stores that the UK has to offer! I also finally set myself up a bank account (last errand I had to run) and now I feel fully moved in. When I was living in Milan I didn’t even have a bank account! This just makes me feel more authentic.

Me yesterday in Oxford Circus getting ready for 5 floor Top Shop!

coat/scarf – Wilfred, hat – talula, plaid shirt – vintage, bag – Alexander Wang, shoes – Aldo

Like I said. 5 floor Top Shop.

Theme of the day: Layers

Fashion Tip: Something I love doing recently is layering – its warm and trendy. Also very big on tying the bottom of a t-shirt just to add a little character, especially if its too long to show the shirt you layer it with.

t-shirt – Wilfred, fringed tank – Wilfred, watch – vintage Casio, necklace – vintage

Much more to London than just fashion…

Of course since I was with my dad these past few days I knew it would be important to be somewhat of a tourist, so I took him to see some of the main sites today including Big Ben, the Parliament buildings, Buckingham Palace, and the Eye. Conveniently enough, these are all walking distance from Green Park, which is the tube stop that I work closest to. I only discovered this today, so it was rather exciting. I also discovered that the end of the street I’m working on leads to Regent Street (shopping) and Regent Street meets with Oxford Circus (more shopping). Again, danger. This is a pretty ritzy area. But I have to admit that I’m really ecstatic to know that there are lots of great restaurants and shops around me. If I do get a lunch break I will definitely not get bored!

Right by Buckingham Palace

En route to touring!

coat – H&M, swacket (sweather jacket) – American Apparel, jeggings – JBrand, bag – Wang, combat boots – Jeffrey Campbell, hat – talula, scarf – Asos

Red phone booth = necessity for tourists to take a picture with

Burlington Arcade – this beautiful tunnel/galleria has many jewelry, shoe, and clothing boutiques. It takes you straight up to the street where I work.

Cork Street. The street where I will be working starting Monday.

Starworks Group office is in this building on the 2nd floor. So exciting!

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