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April 18, 2013

Acne Archive

by laurenlux

The shopping highlight of Copenhagen was going to Acne Archive. OH MY GOD. It is incredible. Not only do they have 70% off previous seasons collections… BUT they have unworn/unused samples from the current season. E.G. I bought a bag that I fell in love with in the Acne store but couldn’t afford for the life of me for 50% OFF at Archives. I guess it’s fair to say outlets can be hit or miss but this one was a HIT. Best hit of my life. If only the Acne Lila boot was there too.


1. American Retro jacket

2. Acne Canada scarf

3. Etoile Isabel Marant jumper

4. Wang bag

5. Zara skort

6. Toga Pulla boots


Acne Store Gammel Mønt



Saint Laurent and stories rings


Some pics from Storm Fashion


Byredo perfumes at Storm


Givenchy loafers


Books + stationary… It was difficult for me to only buy one of these




Acne Archive — if you don’t go you are MISSING OUT. Do the right thing.

September 26, 2012

3 Men’s Autumn Winter Trends You Need to Know

by laurenlux

Want to stay up to speed in the style stakes? We’ve picked three of the season’s key menswear trends to help you get ahead of the game.

1. Into the Blue

From inky shades of ultramarine at Paul Smith and Acne to bright cobalt tones at Ann Demeulemeester, the mood this season is definitely blue. Wear it head-to-toe to hit the sartorial nail on the head or invest in luxury separates to bring your current wardrobe up to date.

From left to right: Ann Demeulemeester, Acne

From left to right: Ann Demeulemeester, Alexander McQueen

2. Second Skin

Making an appearance at all the top designer shows, leather is the hot ticket for autumn/winter. No longer just about the jacket, designers went cowhide-crazy as Yves Saint Laurent’s leather suit proves. For a more wearable way to work the trend, look out for leather lapels and panel detailing on coats, jumpers, jackets and bags.

From left to right: Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Smith

3. Check Mate

From plaid to argyle to tartan, checks are big news this season. Take a leaf out of Vivienne Westwood’s book and choose smart tailoring in contrasting colour or keep it cool and casual and let a plaid shirt update your weekend wardrobe.

From left to right: Lanvin, D Squared, Vivienne Westwood

April 24, 2011

Live. Life. Be. Free.

by laurenlux

I am currently living by this motto and it feels great. I think it’s important to express how you feel by the way you dress.. great examples are LF & Free People. I associate these brands with being free spirited, embracing opportunities, and living life to its fullest. Free People represents clothes that make you feel like a free spirit. That is the whole point of a brand though, right?… to have these associations that remain consistent in all campaigns and get stuck at the back of your mind. Tomorrow is my last official day at home and I feel like I have so many things to do. I’m BEYOND excited for a) reuniting with my lovely Starworkers, b) ROYAL WEDDING, c) Lagos, Portugal next Thursday (trip I planned ages ago)!!!! Time is flying my friends… it’s time to embrace life and every opportunity it has to offer. Here is some LF, Free People, and more…

LF & Free People.. I want it all

Glamour France.. simply brilliant

Matiko… give me

Inspiration: yellow & blue

Good times… great friends.

blazer – hm, skirt – zara, necklace – freedom, shoes – kg for kurt geiger, necklace – aldo accessories

April 19, 2011

How to be interview chic

by laurenlux

The question remains: How do you dress for a fashion interview? Coming from a business school that was almost entirely corporate, I have had to make changes to both my work style and wardrobe to dress appropriately for fashion interviews. At business school we were always told to dress in a suit. I personally believe that dressing in a suit hides your personality. I never really felt like myself when I was attending interviews  in a suit, regardless of the industry. When it comes to fashion though, it’s important to show a bit of character and a sense of style. The good thing about the fashion industry is that it tends to be a bit more casual (as opposed to corporate) and almost anything can be dressed up, and people tend to respect a creative sense of style. Below are some outfits I have worn to express myself,  as well as some wardrobe essentials that I think are great for interviews:

blouse – wilfred free, pants – wilfred, shoes – KG for kurt geiger, necklace – freedom

tapered pants & silky/chiffon blouse

plain black dress

the good thing about blouses like this is that they can be worn in so many different ways!

silk tapered harem pants (aritzia)

these can be worn with a blazer or any type of sheer blouse tucked in.. i would go for a chiffon-type material

chiffon blouse (american apparel)

military blouse (topshop)

navy tapered pants (topshop)

cream blazer (topshop)

sleeveless sunshine dress (wear with blazer)

Perrin shoes

strappy brown shoes (wear over tights or with nude nylon socks)

these are clearly for a man.. but i thought i would throw them in there because i LOVE these Wyred shoes!

April 16, 2011

One of a Kind

by laurenlux

I was reading away on some blogs and discovered a really cool vintage store in London called One of a Kind! At this point I am itching to get back into my adventures there. There are just so many wonderful opportunities  in that city, and being away from it for a couple weeks has made me realize just how much how I love it. Check out the website for One of a Kind.. they have online shopping too!

Inspiration: white maxi

Inspiration: cut-out look

Delicate Beauty Editorial

free spirits

Kustom 2011 Collection

neutrals, brights, maxi, gladiators, and sloppy-chic… well done Free People

Hello Topshop.. I am accepting early birthday presents

March 28, 2011

District Line to… Middle of Nowhere!

by laurenlux

Another fun filled weekend. Friday went to this amazing Vietnamese restaurant in Shoreditch called Viet Grill. Ended up hitting some bars on Kingsland Road – Jaguar Shoes and Catch.. both pretty trendy places! Saturday we went to Broadway market and ate lots of yummy food. Follow that we dressed up as nautical prepsters and hit the boat race! It was actually a wild event – tons of young people everywhere drinking, cheering, and getting pumped up for the boat race. It was Oxford vs. Cambridge and Oxford won — we were a bit sad because we were cheering for Cambridge but still a fun time all around. The race itself was all of 10 minutes but the build up was what made it so exciting. After that we went to an amazing restaurant called Franco Manco which supposedly serves the best pizza in all of London! Trekking to the other side of the city sure was worth it. I think it took us about 1.5 hours to get there from where we were. Got my fix of streetstyle pics at those places plus of course Brick Lane, which is getting even better now that Spring is here…

Yummy risotto at Broadway Market

Twins with this guy 

Meat distribution

Mmmmm vintage… did I mention I got a pair of shoes for 17 pounds? I have shoe addiction issues…

Boat race crowd


Full on boat wear… minus the leather but can’t say I didn’t try

pants – zara, jacket – religion, top – hm

Puppy = baby

Loving the spirit

February 13, 2011

Weekend update

by laurenlux

A day in the east.

Hey guys! Thought I would update you on how the weekend has been. So far, 3 words can sum it up: party, work, and shopping. Friday night my friend from Paris got in and I have to admit reuniting with her was such a great feeling. We ended up going for drinks with some people in Shoreditch at two places, one called Kalu Kaley which was basically an underground cocktail bar where the couches were made of bathtubs cut in half. The cocktails were very unique, and there were so many to choose from! Even their names were something you wouldn’t find at any regular bar… like Fizz Fizz Bang Bang, All that Jazz, Thunderbolt Peach, etc. Next, we went to this place called the Hoxton Pony, which was more of a hipster club scene but also very fun. We had a post dance party at my friends flat which I think was the best part of the night. Can never have enough dance parties!

Yesterday I worked for most of the day because we had a bunch of invites to get ready for the shows next weekend. We did the invites for Jonathan Saunders and Marios Schwab. Working on a Saturday isn’t something I would normally have to do, but there is so much preparation that goes into fashion week, so it was necessary. I still managed to get Jordy to some shops around Regent Street in between making the invites so it ended up being a productive day!

Last night was my friend Scott’s birthday party and we drank at his place (starting at 8pm.. sooo early!) and then went to Proud in Camden where we had a booth/stable reserved for us. What an amazing night! What I loved most about this place was that it used to be a stable, so all of the booths were themed differently and still had the horses names. I horseback ride myself, so I loved this. Our stable was named Sea Biscuit.

Today we are going to spend a day in the east (central-east) in some of the markets I have been raving about. We are also going to try going to a new area in Islington called Camden Passage.

Feature: Jordy

top – Topshop, scarf – Artiztia, purse – vintage, shoes – JC

In the moment: leather

top – American Apparel, necklace – vintage, pants – hm, boots – JC, lipstick – hold it by Benefit

Kalu Kaley


Post dances

Invites for London Fashion Week

Nuff said.

Beyond Retro – amazing store off Carniby Street!

Pics from last night to come later…

February 2, 2011

The Shop that’s on Top.

by laurenlux

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.

Yesterday and today we went yes, you guessed it, shopping. Oxford Circus, Regent Street, Carniby Street, and much much more. In other words, danger. 5 floor Top Shop, Selfridges, Oasis, Warehouse, Reiss, Whistles, Kurt Geiger, you name it. All the amazing stores that the UK has to offer! I also finally set myself up a bank account (last errand I had to run) and now I feel fully moved in. When I was living in Milan I didn’t even have a bank account! This just makes me feel more authentic.

Me yesterday in Oxford Circus getting ready for 5 floor Top Shop!

coat/scarf – Wilfred, hat – talula, plaid shirt – vintage, bag – Alexander Wang, shoes – Aldo

Like I said. 5 floor Top Shop.

Theme of the day: Layers

Fashion Tip: Something I love doing recently is layering – its warm and trendy. Also very big on tying the bottom of a t-shirt just to add a little character, especially if its too long to show the shirt you layer it with.

t-shirt – Wilfred, fringed tank – Wilfred, watch – vintage Casio, necklace – vintage

Much more to London than just fashion…

Of course since I was with my dad these past few days I knew it would be important to be somewhat of a tourist, so I took him to see some of the main sites today including Big Ben, the Parliament buildings, Buckingham Palace, and the Eye. Conveniently enough, these are all walking distance from Green Park, which is the tube stop that I work closest to. I only discovered this today, so it was rather exciting. I also discovered that the end of the street I’m working on leads to Regent Street (shopping) and Regent Street meets with Oxford Circus (more shopping). Again, danger. This is a pretty ritzy area. But I have to admit that I’m really ecstatic to know that there are lots of great restaurants and shops around me. If I do get a lunch break I will definitely not get bored!

Right by Buckingham Palace

En route to touring!

coat – H&M, swacket (sweather jacket) – American Apparel, jeggings – JBrand, bag – Wang, combat boots – Jeffrey Campbell, hat – talula, scarf – Asos

Red phone booth = necessity for tourists to take a picture with

Burlington Arcade – this beautiful tunnel/galleria has many jewelry, shoe, and clothing boutiques. It takes you straight up to the street where I work.

Cork Street. The street where I will be working starting Monday.

Starworks Group office is in this building on the 2nd floor. So exciting!

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